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Pet Central

Welcome to Pet Central! You can do just about anything Neopet-related from here, and a load of other things, too!

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19th day of Collecting, Y23
4th - Grarrl Day
10th - Eyrie Day
13th - Bori Day
16th - Jetsam Day
23rd - Symol Day
26th - Korbat Day
31st - Halloween
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How To Draw

Learn How To Draw all of your favourite Neopets, Petpets, faeries and more!
Neopian Literature
» Read the Neopedia
To discover the true history of Neopia, look no further. Fact seekers always welcomed!
Neopets Stats
Just some big numbers that make us feel special...

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Contests and Activities
There are many competitions to enter to show off your art, writing, HTML or other skills. For a list of all our available competitions and to learn more about our competitions in general, click here!
Word of the Day
Today's Neopian Word of the Day is: Omelette
The Word of the Day is randomly chosen from suggestions submitted by Neopians. Click here to suggest a new word!
Neopian Pound
Why Create a Neopet when you can give a poor, abandoned Neopet a great home?! Visit the Neopian Pound today, but make sure to stay away from that Dr. Death character.
Send your Neopet
Are you proud of your Neopet? Share a picture with a friend!
Neopets Pronunciations
Not sure how to pronounce something? We'll help you out!
Send a NeoGreeting
Great for any occasion... or just to say, "I'm thinking of you!"
Faerie Quests
Did a faerie drop by unexpectedly and ask you for an item? Yeah, they do that.
Neopets Popularity
It's always a close race, but only one species can claim first place!
All Neopet Species
If you're curious about all the different Neopet species, look no further!
All Petpet Species
There are way too many Petpets to count... but you can try if you like!
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Tell your friends about Neopets! Please! We're not ashamed of begging.