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Love and Care for Weewoos!

by platinumprincess99


YOUR NEOHOME - Have you just bought a Weewoo? Do you feel you don't know that much about it? Do you know how to take care of your new petpet? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you should read these simple rules and instructions!


Your Weewoo is now apart of your family, so spend time with it! Weewoos are usually mysterious creatures but enough bonding can make your Weewoo less creepy and frightening. Spend all the time you can with your Weewoo, but at least an hour a day. When bonding with your new Weewoo, never touch the underside feathers. This will make your Weewoo uncomfortable and your Weewoo is obligated to peck and scratch. Petting your Weewoo is a good way to make friends. If your Weewoo is unhappy it will sit upside-down on his or her perch. Making your Weewoo happy again is a hard task which involves a lot of Weewoo Chow and hours of attention, so keep your Weewoos happy. Tugging at hind feathers is not a form of "play" it is simply mean and should be avoided if possible. Baby pets tend to pull feathers and tie up feet, so don't give your baby pets a Weewoo. In short, feed and play with a Weewoo every day to keep the NeoBlues away.


Weewoos tend to get dirty. All petpets run/fly/slither/waddle into dirt sometime. It is simply unavoidable. Don't scold a Weewoo if it gets dirty, this will confuse them. Do not, under any circumstance bathe your Weewoo in a toilet. This will make him or her smell more and might paint them brown or yellow. You can bathe a Weewoo in a petpet bathtub. We do not recommend sinks because of the small shallow space. Make sure when you run the water that its luke warm and isn't too hot or too cold. If the water is too cold, your Weewoo could catch a cold and might require medication. If you run the water too hot, your Weewoo could turn into a Fire Weewoo but this particular "color" doesn't last long because soon they are ash grey and unhappy thus creating a Grey Weewoo (they had to be created somehow). Do not scrub hard but gently brush the dirt off of your petpet. Brown Weewoos may appear dirty but are most of the time clean, so go by this rule: wash your Weewoo every other day.


There is no particular Weewoo specified formula or mixed food so it's up to you to make the food. Weewoos love to eat nuts, bread crumbs, water and worms. Gummi worms can be used as a treat, but should not be considered a meal. Garden worms are fine, but pick them yourselves because of two reasons: it might require another bath, and your flowers will not survive! Do not feed your Weewoos table scraps. This will make a spoiled petpet and that's never good. Go to the Bakery and buy a basket of bread. Cookies aren't a good treat. Cookies tend to be frosted, and seeing as there is no specified Weewoo Cookie the regular cookies make your Weewoo very hyper. What goes up must come down. And what goes down stays down. What I'm trying to say is, they become so fat-because of the enormous amounts of sugar meant for much bigger pets- they can't move! Nuts are fine, your Weewoo might even develop a favorite kind. Feed your Weewoos as much as they would like to eat, but no cookies. We mean it. Really, no cookies. None. Zip. Zero. None...No cookies.


Making petpet friends can be hard. Some Weewoos are shy. Others are aggressive, sometimes even a bit violent. But don't be discouraged, even the shiest Weewoo can make friends! Good petpet friends for the Weewoos are: Babaas, Slorgs, Candychans and any other calm pets. Bad petpet friends are few but important. Abominable Snowballs are too much like Scare-Weewoos so your petpet's friend might become more of a perch. Snowbunnies and Drackobunnies can tire a Weewoo out. The constant hopping makes more of a chase then a bonding experience. A Cirrus is a Weewoo's best friend. Cirruses float above the ground and so does your Weewoo! The airbourne two will hit it off right away. We don't recommend any water petpets. Doing things together might be hard, seeing as ones in the water and the other is in the air. It's not really much fun. Actually its really boring. So no water pets. Do not, under any circumstance, try to make friends with Turmacculus. You might as well say goodbye to your beloved petpet because Turmacculus will eat them. As creepy and morbid this might sound, it's true. Take your time to come out of the shock. I mean I agree with you. What weird people would let a poor little petpet such as the Weewoo be eaten alive by some monster thing? Anyhow, no Turmacculus.


Painting your Weewoo can be an exciting experience! But choose wisely. There is no taking it back once it has been applied. You might think "Oh this is going to be sooooo simple. I'm just going to buy the Petpet Paint Brush and then take it to the Rainbow Pool. It will be sooooo easy." Wrong. You first have to make sure your petpet is bathed. If not, complications can occur. You might think "oh it'll be fine, we can give him a bath when he comes home from the Rainbow Pool," but if you do, you could wash out the paint as well. If the paint is painted onto the dirt, it'll come off with the next bathing! So bathe your petpet. Secondly, you need to make sure your Weewoo is fed before the painting. This can be a tiring experience that leads to sleeping when reaching home. Thus, no time to eat. Wait three days for the paint to have settled in before bathing. If you bathe your petpet too soon, the colors might become dull.


Does your Weewoo seem bored? I bet. I mean you're reading this article and ignoring your new petpet! Sheesh, you've made a mistake already. After you read this last chapter, go. Go play with your feather-y-ish pal! First off, Weewoos like to play with newspaper. Why do you think they are the icon for the NT? Get them an issue from your local shop and give it to your petpet. Weewoos love to shred the paper and play with it. If you want to play with your Weewoo one on one, play "Money Tree". Hide things in your pockets and tie little treats to your arms with string. Hold out your arms and stand very still. Your Weewoo will stare at you for hours. They are usually entertained by this. I mean, I would be too. If my owner tied himself together I'd have a laughing attack.

Go play with your Weewoo! Oh now that you've read this, you must name your Weewoo Stan. Because I said so. Stop asking why. Just go!

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