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Wings of Change

by unrequitedxangel


Sprawled across the comforts of a rather large red towel was where she roamed, rays of gold and orange probing the thousand of adjacent green feathers that aliened her outstretched wings. It was the ultimate place of comfort in the petite Eyrie's mind as the gentle winds baring the strong scent of salt lingered across her nose, followed closely by a large wave that lapped at the beaches shoreline.


     Abruptly, the Eyrie's ears perked up, her body being shaken from the feeling of content that had once buzzed across her features, "What?" was her mangy reply as her thought-cluttered mind forced her body to follow her ears movement. Reluctantly, she opened one eye and stared at the perplexed face of her younger brother.

     "Eaggleee," he whined, while poking her wing in a continues motion, "I want to go eat! Let me go eat!" he continued, while adjusting his posture so that he was allowed to bounce around on his green Draik tail.

     "Stop it, Joey!" Eagle hissed through clenched teeth as she swatted him with her wing, causing the young Draik to flop over, "I'm not your owner, go ask the lazy girl yourself." Eagle's eyebrows knitted themselves against each other as she gestured towards the young girl who sat on a towel nearby, book propped up between her perfectly painted fingernails.

     "Don't call her lazy," retorted Joey as he got back up, his nose scrunched slightly in disgust. "She happens to be the one getting Neopoints," he continued in a cocky tone as he stuck out his pink tongue as an insult.

     Eagle's temper soared as she tackled her brother to the ground and began shooting sand at him. "SHE'S NOT THAT NICE, SHE'S VERY LAZY, AND IF ANYTHING SHE SMELLS LIKE A PILE OF DUNG!" she screeched, while causing sputters from her brother as sand lunged at his face.

     Immediately, Eagles owner ran over and peeled the rude Eyrie off of Joey. "Eagle," she said in a calm yet stern voice, "didn't I tell you last time not to do this?"

     Eagle shot glares at Joey as he dusted the tiny specks of sand out of his mouth and out of his snout. "Yeah," she said lamely as she pulled away from her owners grasp, "but he kept saying you were a good owner."

     A look of hurt scribbled across her owner's face as she adjusted her posture and took a step away from Eagle. "It's very hard to be an owner and juggle school and everything," her owner sputtered, while gently stroking the top of Joey's head to get the remains of sand out of his stringy hair. "I'm sure if you were in my position you'd be like me, too."

     Eagle crossed her wings smugly over her chest as she let her last snide remark slide through her beak, "If I was an owner, I'd still never be as horrible as you," she barked while spinning around and storming off. Leaving a more perplexed Joey to stare dumbfounded at his owner.

     "All I wanted was lunch," was all he could muster as he slowly followed after her.


"Goodnight, Eagle."

     Eagle sighed as she watched the moon settle within the sky, causing wisps of cerulean light to twist around her fluffy red carpet. Slowly, she turned around and settled herself among the millions of blankets that curled around her form, allowing any cold drafts to be pushed away.

     I'm so glad I finally got to say something about my owner, Eagle thought triumphantly as she closed her eyes. Maybe someday she'll put me in the pound and I can get a cool owner like Sandy has!

     After that thought, Eagle's movements were suppressed a soft snore fell across the tiny room. Moments later, a soft essence of red light huddled over her figure and a Fire Faerie appeared, body hunched over slightly to get a good look at her next victim.

     "For those who deserve their just deserts," the faerie murmured, careful not to startle Eagle's sleeping form, "let her learn what it is like to be an owner! And please, next time let me have a catchier jingle."


"Eagle! Eagle!"

     Eagle groaned as she felt a strong tug at one of her many limbs, a soft furry paw grasped at her and the tugs continued as she turned her body over and let out a louder groan, "Whatttt?" She hissed as she let one eye groggily open, her eyes focused on the ceiling before she turned and faced her intruder. Right in her direction were the warmest green eyes she'd ever seen, belonging to a particularly happy Kacheek.

     "Who are you?" She managed to spit out as she looked down at her self. I have... fingers. FINGERS! How could that be? I'm an Eyrie! she concluded as she shuffled out of the bed, but as she landed managed to flop onto the ground due to the fact her legs had gotten tangled up in the blankets that once rested atop her claws.

     "Are you silly, Eagle? I'm Keli!" The Kacheek squealed happily as she hopped on top of Eagles back, as though she was a Uni. "Eieeh! Pretty Eagle!"

     Eagle gasped, her eyes dilating slightly as she picked the Kacheek off of her back with her newfound hands, "Uh... Alright..." She said in a dumbfounded manor as she slowly got up and began to waddle towards the door, "Are there anymore of you?"

     "Nope, only me!" she replied and tagged after Eagle, although Eagle's steps were slow and she often tripped.

     "How many Neopoints do we have?" Eagled asked sheepishly as she trudged down the stairs of her new Neohome, to be greeted by the same scenery of her own house. A ratty couch accompanied the corner, along with a small table that held crushed chocolate of some unknown Neopet.

     "25!" Keli said brightly as they walked into the Kitchen, which had a small refrigerator and an equally small bowl of fruit that sat atop the table top. "Why do you keep asking such silly things, silly-head!" she giggled at her own joke, as a smile spread across her face.

     "Hmm... no reason," Eagle replied as she picked up a stack full of mail that she'd often seen across her own owners table. The minuet her eyes scanned the page her face fell. "We're going to be evicted if we don't pay?" she said glumly as she read through each notice that if they didn't pay soon they would take Keli away, along with her small Neohome.

     Keli struggled a smile, before shaking her head yes. A soft tear trickled across her blue fur, before she quickly wiped it away.

     "Don't worry, Keli!" Eagle said happily after a minute. "I know how to play some games, and if you ask me I'll have a million Neopoints by the end of the day! Just you watch!"

     With that, Eagle sprinted outside. Ready to face the world of Neopia.


"How much did you get?"

     Eagle sighed sadly as she entered her Neohome, a small bag grasped within her fingers which read proudly '25 NEOPOINTS'. "I'm sorry, Keli. I only got 25. Those games are much harder then they look," Eagle said softly, while walking over towards her slowly breaking sofa.

     "I really tried. It was so hard! Those Neopets were so cruel. They taunted me! I couldn't play any games!" she wailed, while cupping her face within her palms and letting off a soft trail of sobs.

     Keli hopped off the couch and headed towards the kitchen, ready to prepare her owner something to eat. If I ever knew it was this hard, I wouldn't have been so mean to my owner, Eagle thought sadly as she pushed the last remaining tear off of her face. If I ever went back home, then I'd be so grateful.

     Immediately, an odd feeling came over Eagle as her body floated downward and her body fell against the couch with a thud. Slowly, her body fell into a deep sleep.



"Eagle... I'm so sorry, please wake up!"

     Eagle's vision was blurred as she prodded one eye open, ready to face a human body but instead was oddly surprised at her looming owner.

     "She's awake!" her owner said happily, as she stroked the top of Eagles head in comfort. "You've been sleeping all day! We thought something was wrong with you."

     Eagle quickly threw her wings around her owners small form and began sobbing onto her 'I LOVE NEOPETS' shirt. "I'm so sorry!" she bellowed, while her sobs increased. "You are the best owner and you smell great!"

     Her owner laughed softly as a smile grew across her lips. "It's okay, Eagle. As long as your better now," she paused, then quirked an eyebrow, "But why the change of heart?"

     Eagle let the final tear drip across her face as she smiled, "I just met a certain pet named Keli," she started, "who helped me realize about how-"

     Abruptly, Eagle was cut off as her owner gestured towards her beak. "How'd you get the bruise?" she questioned, eyebrow raised once again.

     Eagle gasped as she remembered getting bruised in human form, right above her lip, "Uh... nothing," Eagle said lamely, while her owner began erupting in giggles. Leaving her new loving owner, and brother to finally be in tears-- but from laughing this time.

The End

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