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Money Tree 101

by blubblub317


NEOPIA CENTRAL - Nestled right in the middle of sunny Neopia Central is a generous, and kind tree, that makes a living out of giving items and Neopoints to those owners and pets in need. Of course, it's not exactly the tree that makes all these items and Neopoints. The population of Neopia has gathered around and they have kindly donated their items and Neopoints that they are in no need of anymore. The name of this wonderful (and somewhat magical) tree is none other then…the Money Tree! If you're ever in need of some extra cash or items, you can always count on the Money Tree for satisfying those needs!

Of course, there are always many questions that come to mind when visiting the Money Tree. How can I catch those items/Neopoints so quickly? How do I donate? What items should I donate? And finally, where did the Money Tree come from? With all these questions, it's sure to confuse newbies who have just begun their wild adventures on Neopets. So being the generous person I am [wink], I've created a little guide about the Money Tree that'll answer all the questions that have been listed at the top of this paragraph. So what are we waiting for? Let's begin!

Where Did The Money Tree Come From?

Of course, this is the question that MANY owners and pets have been wondering about for quite some time. Unfortunately, no one really knows where the Money Tree came from. It just suddenly appeared in Neopia Central, one summer day. There have been numerous theories regarding the question, but many of them are just hocus-pocus. In my opinion, the one that is most believable is that the Money Tree came from Illusen's Forest. People have reported that Illusen's Forest is located on the other side of Neopia, and someone, or something, transported the Money Tree all the way the Neopia Central. It's a very possible idea and it seems to make perfect sense. I guess the only way we'll ever know is when the Neopets team will unveil the other side of Neopia [nudges Adam and Donna].

How Do I Get Those NP And Items So Quickly!?

Ah, this is a problem that many Neopians face during their visits at the Money Tree. Whenever they click on an item or Neopoints that they want, someone has always snatched them first! Unfortunately, there's only way you can get those objects before anyone else. You have to have High Speed Internet. I'm extremely sorry to those who don't have it, but it's really the only way. For all you people who do have High Speed Internet, make sure you refresh the page many times and click as QUICK AS POSSIBLE on the item. If you're a second late, IT'S GONE! Remember, there are hundreds of people trying to get those items at the same time as you, so it takes A LOT of time to have a good amount of items and Neopoints. You will sometimes get extremely lucky and receive those 4000 NP that you clicked on. But remember, those are on VERY rare occasions.

Note: Please only try to get three items at the most, if you have a hefty sum of Neopoints. There are many people out there who are in need of those items and they sure could have a bigger use of them then you could (unless you ARE poor). And be careful, because the Money Tree always has his eye on those rich visitors who come to visit him everyday….

Can I Donate? If Yes, How?

Of course you can donate! How do you think the Neopoints and items turn up at the Money Tree in the first place! Now, if you're one of those incredibly kind and generous Neopians that just wants to help the needy and poor, and doesn't know how to, follow along these very simple steps.

1. Click on the shops icon located on the sidebar 2. Click on the "Items" icon at the top bar. It's in the shape of a potion 3. You'll now be at your inventory. Click on the item that you would like to donate 4. Click on the Donate An Item option 5. Your item has been successfully shipped off to the Money Tree!

However, there is a different method when it comes to donating Neopoints. If you'd like to donate some cash, read these instructions:

1. Click on the shops icon located on the sidebar 2. Click on "Money Tree" icon at the top bar. It's in the shape of a tree (obviously). 3. Scroll down and type the amount of Neopoints you would like to donate in the small box 4. Click Donate and your Neopoints have been successfully shipped to the Money Tree!

Note: You can only donate the amount of Neopoints that you currently posses.

Donating Useful Items

If you've decided to donate to the Money Tree, and contain the knowledge of doing so, you'll now have to decide on choosing an item(s) to donate. Many users donate bottles of sand, pickled leeches, etc. Now, there is nothing wrong with donating items like these, but generally, new users need items that will be useful for their daily Neopian Life. If you're not too educated on what items to donate, simply continue reading.

Food: Of course, food is grand factor to those new users of Neopets. Many times, new users do not know that there are daily free foods that are distributed in Tyrannia and *BEEP*. So, when donating foods, try to donate some that are worth around 10-15 NP. These foods are quite cheap and appetizing, and will usually always keep those little pets full. It might even be a grand treat for their taste buds, which don't usually get to taste those delicious foods out there.

Books: Donating books is simply a wonderful way to help out needy users who are in search of heightening their pet's intelligence level. Donating books is mainly the same as donating foods. Purchase books that are cheap (100-300 NP), and that will be fun and easy to read. Pets are always craving for knowledge, so donating books will certainly make their day!

Toys: Every pet is Neopia needs a toy to accompany them, so why not donate one to the Money Tree? There are many toys at the Toy Shop and Marketplace that are low-priced and that are a joy to play with. Make sure when purchasing a toy, it doesn't contain little pieces that those new users' pets could swallow! You wouldn't want to be the cause of an injury, would you?

NEOPOINTS: If you'd rather donate NP then items, try to donate a sum of 50-300 NP. 5 NP is always a nice treat but new users can't purchase too many things with that amount. So simply try to donate a good quantity of NP so that users will be able use them for many of their needs.

So as you can see, it's really not difficult choosing the correct and efficient items for when donating to the Money Tree! With this little section, you should now have no problem in doing so!

Who are the geniuses that created the Money Tree?

Well, it's none other then…ADAM AND DONNA! They're the ones who have basically created everything when it comes to Neopets (along with the help of some others fanatical staff members)! They're the geniuses that have brought true entertainment and joy in our lives, and I think we should all be gratefully thanking them! And while we're at it, why not give them a nice round of applause? THANK YOU!! [cheers]

OH MY GOODNESS, ARE WE DONE ALREADY?! Yep, it's true. And here we are, at the conclusion of our little lesson regarding the famous Money Tree! I hope this has been a nice, informative lesson for all the new users out there (maybe even experienced users) and that the confusion in your mind has now been spotlessly wiped away. Until next time, this is Blubblub317 signing off from yet ANOTHER fun-filled, informative article!

Author's Note: Thanks for reading my article! If you have any comments, I'd love to hear them! Until next time!

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