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New Series

Daughter of a Star: Part One

Jane walked into her bedroom and flopped onto her bed. She reached under her pillow and removed a tiny photograph of her and Amy the day Amy adopted her from the pound...

by shadih_temporary

Finding Kourage: Part One

"What ever is the matter, Mopey Maieben?" The Aishas had given her various nicknames, Mopey Maieben was among them. Maieben ignored them and proceeded on her journey. This was normal. But, today they did not give up...

by larenbeka

Princess of Erodaire III: Part One

This time, King Alastare seemed to be staring straight at me. I gazed into his eyes, hoping for a sign of pardon, but I couldn't find any.

by christinetran

SQUAD Squadron: First Mission -- Part One

As the Chef was ushered into Mumbo Pango's hut, absolute terror filled every bone in the Flotsam's body. He had only been inside the huge hut once before, when he sought refuge from his destroyed Maraqua home, but it still hadn't changed...

by cosmicfire918

The Princess and the Pauper: Part One

This was just too good. To do something that her owner would never expect! Ilana forced herself to be calm as she sat down. The bottled-up anger was flowing free as creative waves… There! She had it! The most brilliant idea!

by shadowcristal

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"Wings of Change" by unrequitedxangel

"If I was an owner, I'd still never be as horrible as you," she barked."...

Other Stories


From Rags to Riches: Fyora's Story
"As you know, I am an orphan also, so there is no heir to the throne. That means I must choose the next queen. Someone who has dignity and and grace, and most of all, determination."

by gpigluv


The Yurble Next Door
"She's absolutely crazy about that new pet. I wouldn't be surprised if she even adopted one of those Herbals, or Gurgles, or whatever they're called."

by violinoutoftune


What's in Style
Neopets has gone through many fashions over the years. However, most owners just buy a bunch of clothes that don't even MATCH and throw it onto their pets! Isn't it horrible?

by margaret913w


More to Mr. Monotony?
You can't resist. That's why, two hours later, you're still sitting by the Wheel of Monotony, wondering if that 100 Neopoints you gave up was worth it. Eventually, the spinner stops.

by ___yuna


Really Confused
"About Mutant Day"

by stoneman3x


Wishful Thinking
Breaking the Wall...

by barbcat00

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