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Since there are purple Meepits in Meepit Juice Break, why can't Meepits be painted that colour? - Vickieluckgoldencatz
That is a very good point. Purple Meepits coming up!

My mom and I are wondering what happens if you turn your Krawk petpet into a pet if it has a petpetpet. Could you answer this question for us? - Mcgartyt
I will have to double check on this but I am pretty sure when the Krawk Petpet changes into a Neopet the Petpetpet will just vanish.

You Know When you Said You Can Check If We Can Remove Petpetpets? If We Can Can We Be Able To Paint petpetpets? - Neobro1000
You will not be able to remove Petpetpets, but we may well add new paintbrush options for them. Of course it would have to be an incredibly small paintbrush :)

Are the Christmas Kougra owners going to have to wait till December for them to be updated? - Marchangel333147
Oh no, that is ages away. All the Kougras will be updated over the next few weeks. We will add a note to New Features when one is changed.

Can you make a petpet beauty contest? It just seems fair! - Qwestar0987654321
Hmm... possibly. I will have to check what is needed to set that up but its a cool idea.

Are you going to ake the whole set of paint brushes into plushie paint brushes?? - I_love_chombys1
Eventually yes. There are quite a lot to choose from at the moment (ten if I remember correctly).

I have a Brightvale Job Coupon in my inventory, but when I go to the Employment Agency in Faerieland, It says I dont have one. Can you use the Brightvale Job Coupons yet? - N_a_g_r_o_m
You should be able to. I will get Mr Insane to double check this as soon as we are back in the office. They should work in the same way as the other job coupons.

For your fun images, you have a box that has the HTML encoding to get the image, and I was wondering if you could add how to do that in your HTML guide, so people in my guild can put a link to the guild in their shop. Thanks! - Marlin138
Our HTML guide is in dire need of a total re-write. It was written a very long time ago when the site was very different. An updated version is in the works and I will make sure this is included in it.

How come there are no games in Brightvale? - star2be33
Brightvale is still very new and we will be adding lots of new things (including games) to it.

How come when I am searching for an item or a vague catagory nothing shows up anymore?? - Couronne26
I noticed that too. I am not sure why. I liked being able to search from the side bar and I will find out why it was changed and if that option can be added back.

Um I was wondering when will you add more avatars - Pink_purple_unicorn
We add new avatars every week. Check New Features for all avatar related announcements.

Could you add a "Block User" feature to the Trading Post? If you added a username it would stop them from offering on your trades..? :) Please? - Neomaniac1603
Quite possibly. I will have to find out if this is something we can add in.

Can you PLEASE put the non-flash and flash games into differnet sections, as my computer doesn't suport flash and I'm not aloud to get it, so I can only play non-flash games. And its hard flicking through them all just to find one I can play! - Vixen_white
That is a really good idea. I am sure we can do some sort of icon so you can tell straight away what type of game it is on the games page.

I was wondering if you could make more of the sketch backrounds for our desktop? There aren't really very many of them. - peacefortheflowers12
Ooh yes! I totally forgot about those. We haven't added any for ages.

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