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50 Uses for the Blurf!

Aah, perfection. You have a name. It is 'blurf'. But, 'What is so perfect about the blurf?' you may ask. Well, it's blue, it tastes good, and it's name is fun to say.

by monarchistknight

A Manual to Beaching…and Beaching…and Beaching!

During this time, many Neopians nestle themselves into their homes, attempting to cool off of their boiling bodies. But unfortunately, countless of them only accomplish the feat of drowning themselves in their own sweat...

by blubblub317

Becoming a Successful Deckswabber

Deckswabbing can either be a tedious chore or a lot of fun--from my own experiences, I know that many people are having difficulties with this game.

by _shakky_

Brightvale Hogging Credit?

hat could I possibly be looking for that can't be found in wise, knowledgeable King Hagan's kingdom? Well, I'm sure what I'm looking for can be found there, but I'm out to prove that knowledge doesn't have to be found in Brightvale.

by theonlyjessica

Coltzan: Death By Cheese

He died because a party guest at a royal feast murdered him. Ha, at least that's what everybody wants you to think. The truth deals with a little fella Kat and Choc like to call… cunning, heartless, exciting, eccentric, smirking (and) edible, or CHEESE for short.

by chocolateisamust

Conspiracy Theories Abroad

This is special agent Tahu from the Neopian Intelligence Agency (NIA). I was assigned to closely observe a threat that we have been watching for a long period of time...

by tahus_shade

Grey: Hot or Not?

Now, some of you might be thinking to yourselves Gross! Grey is so BLAND and BORING, but this fellow writer *ahem* is here to give you 50 reasonable explanations why you, after finishing this article, should buy one!

by kukkii

Healthy Obsessions?

When you think about some of the most well-known Neopians, some of the craziest, most eccentric obsessions are no doubt closely associated with them.

by cordialcardinal

Lifestyles of the Affluent and Illustrious: The Neohome Builders

As for the convenience of not having to endure such adventures, as well as the originality and the forgotten impression of these helpful characters, I bring to you an interview as well as an in-depth to the lives of the Neohome Builders...

by stoneslopes

Love and Care for Weewoos!

Have you just bought a Weewoo? Do you feel you don't know that much about it? Do you know how to take care of your new petpet?

by platinumprincess99

Meerca Chase Players Psychoanalyzed!

I found that the way you play the game tells you a little bit about yourself. It may be the way you approach the game, the kind of mood you are in, or your perspective in life.

by smylee588

More to Mr. Monotony?

You can't resist. That's why, two hours later, you're still sitting by the Wheel of Monotony, wondering if that 100 Neopoints you gave up was worth it. Eventually, the spinner stops.

by ___yuna

Neopian Alphabet Guide: Kauvara

So now I guess you are wondering what kind of biography this is, huh? Well, lets say it starts with an A, and ends in a Z. Still nothing? An alphabet guide of course!

by o_apollo_o

So You Want My Vote?

I try to look at the Beauty contestants every week, and observe as much as I can. In doing so, I have noticed patterns in the way that I vote.

by black_magic_ti

Trading Tips

In Neopia, there are several ways to earn Neopoints. Games and restocking are options. Trading and selling items regularly, however, is also another opportunity to gain large profits.

by harmo333

What's in Style

Neopets has gone through many fashions over the years. However, most owners just buy a bunch of clothes that don't even MATCH and throw it onto their pets! Isn't it horrible?

by margaret913w

Who Turned Out the Lights?

It might be fun to be a Neopian celebrity, running away from the crowds of fanatic n00bs in a hope to save your lucky green boots, but haven’t you thought, just once… “Haven’t we forgotten someone”?

by jbennett279

Your Basic Guide To Building A Neohome

A lot of Neopians think it's a waste of Neopoints. They don't do anything, except help you win another trophy. Your pets can't even go in them! So why should you build one?

by kitty_catz_rule

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Getting My Vote

Looking at every species and every picture is always a thrill! I try to look at the Beauty contestants every week, and observe as much as I can. In doing so, I have noticed patterns in the way that I vote...

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