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100 Ways To See If You Are NOT Addicted To The NT

This article will ‘test’ you, and see if you are not addicted! Good luck is all I have to say.

by articuno_neo

150 Things To Do When Bored In Neopia

137- Try and receive a quest from Jhudora wearing an "I Love Illusen T-shirt."

by roxycaligirl101

150 Things You Can't Find Anywhere But The Neopian Times


by tracypaper12

150 Uses for the Neopian Times

#128 Fold up a sheet to use as a paper airplane.

by playmobil_is_my_life

All Plush, No Brain

Maybe you think they are adorable. Some of you might have spent months saving up to own one; after all, to have your pet's features formed in plush is worth it, right?

by shimmering_aurora

Baby Neopet Care: Tougher Then You Think

Baby Neopets. With that small phrase we are reminded of those heart-melting pets that so many Neopians have come to adore.

by snokapfox


Follow my advice, and you'll be gaming like a pro in no time!

by sharakh

Lifestyles of the Affluent and Illustrious: Valrigard: (The Traitor?)

Through shady meetings, and private messages, I arranged to meet Valrigard in his hide-out. Of course, getting to his hide-out would prove difficult.

by the_wanderer128

Money Tree 101

How can I catch those items/Neopoints so quickly? How do I donate? What items should I donate?

by blubblub317

Slothykins at Home: A Slothy Lesson in Table Decorum

As the title states, I’ll be teaching you wannabe-Sloths just how to properly arrange your table for dinner, and, of course, how to behave yourself; everything that everyone needs to know.

by wolfofthewoods

The Anniversary Edition Neopinglish Dictionary

Battle Quill: A cool Neopian item that you can use to combat the dark, evil, sinister forces of writer's block.

by stoneman3x

The Bookstore Book Reviews

Have you ever had trouble deciding which book to read? Are you one of the many Neopians who can't decide whether learning social skills or trying to stay fit is more important?

by christinetran

To Explore or Not To Explore

This is no ordinary voyage party. These are explorers under the leadership of Doctor Graham Kenny, a blue Bruce anthropologist stationed in Meridell.

by resurrectedwarrior

What Really Goes On Behind The Neopian Times

A warning to those who are faint of heart, and weak of bowels, this article may reveal more than you ever dared to dream...

by tracypaper12

Why We're Thankful For the Times

So, for the big 150th anniversary, we’ve come together to tell why we’re thankful for the newspaper of Neopians, by Neopians and for Neopians...the Neopian Times.

by yellowlabs765

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Thank Fyora For The NT!

Ever since that day in January of 2000, The Neopian Times has been one of the primary sources of entertainment amongst Neopians. I have my own memories of reading the Times and chuckling at the comics that we read every week, or the short stories and articles that many owners have worked faithfully on. Maybe you, too, have your own Times memories...

Other Stories


Three Deeds
"I’ve come to the conclusion that if, and this is a very big if, Feol, you can show me you’re going to be a proper faerie, I will decline the Headmistresses request for you to be schooled elsewhere."

by erileen


Room 3
Thirty minutes had passed and Alison and Garth were now entering the Neopian Pound. Garth was clinging enthusiastically onto Alison's arm with a wide smile spread across his features...

by blubblub317


The Story of Stan: Part One
"Hey!" Emerald yelled indignantly. "If it weren't for me, you'd have never found that ring! It's mine!"

by waterboy711


Al Tastes Revenge: Part One
Moments ago, Al was eating quite happily. He chatted noisily to the people in the tables around him about his lupological discoveries.

by al_the_chia


Fruity Salad
Arigato? No thanks, I'm not hungry.

by marilltachiquin


All Ears
Ohh... it's a Moehog.

by sir_draikalot

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