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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

Once you’ve made it to the Tyrannian Plateau, you’ll be sure to find many things that pique your interest. Exciting, wild, adventurous, sometimes terrifying things. But there is one thing that many Neopians find boring, tedious, mundane, and stale. The Wheel of Monotony. Not to be confused with its close neighbour, the Wheel of Mediocrity, the Wheel of Monotony is anything but average. There’s no strategy involved when you play this game of luck and chance. You simply click to spin and then you wait. And wait. And wait. And wait. And - well, you get the idea. How long does it take to stop spinning? Ha! The timeless question on everyone’s mind. Hours. Like, a lot of hours. So your best bet is to get comfy and wait it out. It’s suggested to pour yourself a cup of Rancid Dung Coffee, but I think I’ll pass on that one. Maybe we can grab a piece of that Giant Omelette instead? Sorry, but there is no intermission on this joyride. The Wheel of Monotony gets a bad reputation just because it takes so long. But in my opinion, no prize worth having will come quickly. Like they say, “The Giant Omelette didn’t cook in a day.”

Tyrannian Day Special: Top 12 Tyrannian Petpets

Tyrannian Day is for Petpets, too! Tyrannian Victory Day is one of Neopia’s holidays based on the history of Neopets. Taking place yearly on the 12th of the month of Hunting (May 12th), Neopians all over the globe (and outside the globe, too – hello there folks from Kreludor and Virtupets Station!) celebrate the date in honour of all of those who fought in the historical conflict of Year 3 when Tyrannia was nearly crushed to pieces by Chia Bombers and other evil villains, but eventually emerged victorious by crushing them into pieces!

The Wheel of Monotony... More Exciting Than You Think!

A tar pit bubbles in the distance. A volcano spews hot lava 20 feet into the air. A group of Pteri’s fly overhead. A ferocious roar shakes you to the core, that the smell of eggs cooking? It can only mean one thing - you’ve travelled back in time to a place where the Grarrl’s roam, concerts rock out, and battles wage on. Welcome to Tyrannia! Once you’ve made it to the Tyrannian Plateau, you’ll be sure to find many things that pique your interest. Exciting, wild, adventurous, sometimes terrifying things.

Species Customization: Moehog

In celebration of Moehog Day, I`ve put together a guide to how you may use their species clothing to create cool and creative customizations. Species clothing sets are tailor-made to a specific Neopet, meaning they can only be worn by that species. This makes for some unique and interesting looks, and hopefully my examples will inspire you to try some new looks for your Moehog. (Paint brush clothing has not been included).

Other Stories
"A New Hobby" by xbebechloex
When you hear “Shh!”, it takes a couple of seconds to find the source of the noise. You look around the forest you’re walking in, swerving your head quickly from left to right. Nobody. You shrug it off and continue walking, then you hear it again. An urgent, low whisper “Please - you’ll scare them away!” You hear a rustle and a white kacheek emerges from some bushes. “Oh! Hello!” you exclaim. The white kacheek grimaces and you suddenly remember you’re meant to be quiet. “Sorry…” you say, quieter now. You look around, a little perturbed by the kacheek and their insistence on being quiet, despite not being able to see anything that would warrant keeping conversation to a whisper. “No, no,” the kacheek replies, “I’m sorry, I get a little enthusiastic.” “It’s ok,” you respond softly. You look around again, puzzled. “Enthusiastic about what...

"The Qasalan Princess" by squin
For many and many years, the good people of Qasala patiently expected a royal heir or heiress. In Year 30, King Jazan and Queen Nabile finally shared great and long-awaited news with the qasalan citizens. A beautiful little princess had been born recently. To everybody’s surprise, the little princess had an unusual feature: her hair was completely green! Of course, the princess’s hair colour delighted everyone, which made King Jazan and Queen Nabile decide to name the princess “Emerald”. Emerald grew up happily in Qasala and when she turned 15 years old, her green hair was so long that it could easily reach her heels. The princess’s hair instantly enchanted every single neopian that met her, from the eldest citizens to the youngest children. Foreigners from the most distant lands came all the way to Qasala...

"The Loneliest Lurman" by 7_candy_girl_7
“Okay, Seaweed… time to say goodbye…” Seaweed the Lurman bubbled sadly as his owner, a young, yellow Kacheek named Bradley held him with a trembling grip. The boy wiped his teary eyes on the back of his hand as he knelt at the edge of the shallow pond, his other arm outstretched and prepared to drop him into the water. The knees of his blue overalls were dirty from the damp grass beneath him, his white t-shirt stained with tears. “M’sorry… I-I wish you could come with us…” he sniffed, giving the Lurman a pat on the head. “B-But Mama said you’ll dry up in Qasala… a-and I don’t want you to dry up…” With a slight whimper, Seaweed stretched one of his eyestalks to tap at the Kacheek’s hand, which prompted him to give a few head pats. He tried to climb up Bradley’s arm, but he was stopped by the boy shakily pulling him off.

Tyrannian Petpets

This week's issue is brought to you by: Tyrannian Petpets
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