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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

Three months have passed since life began to surface on the planet. Hiding in the shadows of his lab, the doctor lies silent with his eyes fixated on the screens. Questions are flooding his mind. He cannot comprehend how this phenomenon could have occurred.

A Deep Dive Into Maraquan History

To many people, Maraqua is a mysterious land that exists deep under the sea, home to many aquatic neopets and a rich history. For a long time the existence of this place was highly debated, no one had ventured there before and none of its residents had ventured out. Nowadays, Maraqua is a major economic hub in Neopia, attracting visitors at all times of years. It has integrated completely with all the different Neopian lands and sends representatives to compete in the Altador Cup every year.

A Guide to Destruct-O-Match III

I have been playing Destruct-O-Match for years, and it's one of my favourite games so I have compiled a few tips to getting the avatar/trophy you're going for. To get the avatar you need a score of 2500+. First off you should be playing in classic mode, and the game works by double clicking on sets of the same coloured boulders. The power-ups in this game are: Fill Boulder - this adds a layer of boulders on top Multiplier Boulder -

Top 15 Gross Foods

DISCLAIMER! this may offend Quiggles and Skeith. 15. Stuffed Frog So, I think Neopets is reaching a little far on this one, I admire your effort, but I don’t think anyone would buy this. The caption says “Juicy frog stuffed with onion and sage” but i think it should say “Warty frog stuffed with flies and grass” if you like onions sage and frogs then this is the right meal for you. if you are a normal person like me, you will avoid frogs in your mouth.

Other Stories
"A Sister’s Feud" by katieneo_211
Long ago, before the world as we know it now, there lived two faerie sisters who were very close. Long ago, their parents were taken by Dr. Sloth to be kept as slaves and forced to work in his laboratory for all of eternity. All the sisters had in the world was each other and they bonded in their isolation. Their names were Jhudora and Illusen. That’s right, the two sisters were inseparable, chasing each other through the clouds of Faerieland, basking near the Healing Springs and playing in Rainbow Fountain, coloring each other’s hair and pets. They shared everything with each other. They traded their pets back and forth to take on adventures and went shopping together daily. They trained in the magical arts and became stronger every day, practicing duels against each other, brewing potions, and learning spells. There were no two closer sisters in all of Neopia. That was all before Jhudora overheard Illusen talking to King Hagen of Brightvale. Jhudora had heard Illusen called to a meeting with King Hagen and snuck to the ledge outside the window so she could find out why. She didn’t like being separately from her sister. What she heard surprised and upset her.

"The First Light of Neopia - Part Two" by steve_km
Chapter Two - The Leader of the New World Three months have passed since life began to surface on the planet. Hiding in the shadows of his lab, the doctor lies silent with his eyes fixated on the screens. Questions are flooding his mind. He cannot comprehend how this phenomenon could have occurred. On the screens, creatures have begun to create a societies. On the first screen, there is a great plateau with caves, homes, and the creatures there have signs outside of their buildings. On another screen, great monuments have been created in a sandy desert. A monarchy has taken over that land and a great king is ruling over it. Again, on a third screen, a great land, lush with vegetation, homes, castles, farming, many games, and another great king. Finally, on a fourth screen, another society, floating on a piece of land in the sky and it contained a great black castle. A society is being formed there but very little activity is ever seen on the surface. Sloth liked this land because it was not touched by very much sunlight. This land was located directly above the land that was full of vegetation.

"Laurel" by applefaerie99
Laurel the Grey Yurble woke up, dazed and confused, lying on the cold dirt ground in front of a farmhouse in Meridell, not knowing who she was, where she was, where she was from, or what had happened. The first Neopian she saw was a big White Skeith who introduced himself as Charley. Charley could eat so much that anyone watching would think he would explode. Laurel explained her situation to Charley. Charley said he would give Laurel a tour of Meridell and maybe something would jog her memory. The first stop was extreme potato counter. Laurel felt dizzy after watching the potatoes and slipped on a trail of slime. Charley explained that was from the Slorgs that lived there. The two entered Meri Acres pick your own and ended up with a sniddberry, purple felberry, a pile of dung, a bit of barbed wire, and a pusberry. Laurels' stomach growled and Laurel and Charley shared the three berries. The next stop was the rubbish dump, which was a good thing because Laurel had no idea what she was to do with the pile of dung and barbed wire. They didn't stay long because the smell was overwhelming.

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