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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

When you first saw Neopia's Neopet Central you were excited and very nervous. All the pets and people and things to do. It had started off as just a thought. What would it be like to enter a whole new realm, you wondered. Is it worth it? Would it be any good? So you go to the sign up desk to make an account and give the nice Yellow Chia your name and information. It wasn't your first time here, but hopefully it would be a new start.

Trouble At The National Neopian?

NEOPIA CENTRAL -- The always-welcoming Bank Manager of the National Neopian Bank sits behind his well-worn desk, as he has for almost two full decades now. With the bank's 20-year anniversary coming up soon, preparations are already underway for a celebration; initially, I'd come to the bank to talk to the Manager about just that. However, upon my arrival, I found a lively throng of protestors outside the bank. Much to the Manager's dismay, "Now these protests are shaping the way people think about the National Neopian." A growing number of residents of Neopia are dissatisfied with the way the Manager and his customer service staff run the National Neopian. "A key part of the business of running a bank is keeping our customers' money safe," the Manager told me. He was, as ever, deeply serious. The Bank Manager has held his position for so long because he takes his job so seriously, and these latest calls for change are no different. "The staff here at the National Neopian are trained to welcome the public, of course, but they are also meant to prevent robberies. This means refusing to allow unsavory characters into the bank."

Does the PPL Really Protect?

If you have been on Neopets for a while you must have heard of the Petpet Protection League. This is an organization made for protecting petpets, making sure they are well cared for and that they are not neglected by their owners. Petpets can often be ignored because they are not as big as Neopets, but that doesn't make them any less special or important. They need regular care and entertainment as well! You can even give them their own pets, known as petpetpets. The most transparent thing the Petpet Protection League does is awarding special prizes and trophies to those who care for their petpets the longest. Their homepage has this to say: The PPL reward Neopets for owning their Petpet for a long amount of time (and never stopping playing with them!) Each week they select a Petpet and award the owner 10 NP for every day they have been owned, and for three years that could be up to ten thousand! The colour of the Petpet does matter. If they select Pink Kadoatie, and you have a blue one, sorry no NP. However, you can earn the bonus once per Neopet - up to four times! Sounds like a pretty notable cause to me.

Kiss the Mortog: Avatar Guide

Hello, have you pay attention that a new avatar for Kiss the Mortog is released recently? To achieve the avatar, you need a score that is in the top 50 positions on the High Score Table of Kiss the Mortog when the trophies are awarded daily. This game is quite simple since it only a lucky game. The proposal of this avatar guide is to provide basics gameplay and advice of getting the high score in order to award the avatar.

Other Stories
"When Neopia Became A Home" by harvestmoon6
When you first saw Neopia's Neopet Central you were excited and very nervous. All the pets and people and things to do. It had started off as just a thought. What would it be like to enter a whole new realm, you wondered. Is it worth it? Would it be any good? So you go to the sign up desk to make an account and give the nice Yellow Chia your name and information. It wasn't your first time here, but hopefully it would be a new start. As you made your way to creating two twin Xweetoks, Illusivana and Svnila, you gazed around nervously at all the hustle and bustle,the two Xweetoks clutching each hand for dear life. You looked down at them and promised everything would be okay. If only you had kept that promise. Life happens. You had been on and off Neopets for awhile. You had had various accounts and pets since you were 12. Even after adopting a few more Xweetoks, you didn't feed them or take care of them. And your sadness was getting to you. Why bother to stay? Then you started to think of them more. As more everts and incidents went on, sometimes you would sneak to the window of your Neohomes, looking over the various pets you had created or adopted. Some thought they saw a glance, some just were too hungry to care. But you still love them.

"The Becoming of the Royal Thief" by k3l26
The hardest things to keep are secrets… It was a scorching hot morning in the Lost Desert when Veifira woke up to a blaring alarm clock. She stirred groggily, reaching out a hand to slam down on her clock. Having an alarm wasn’t even her idea, as she preferred to wake up naturally. And by naturally she meant whenever she wanted to. After all, alarms and schedules were for people who actually had important things to do. And she, well, even as one of the two princesses of the Lost Desert, didn’t feel like she ever had anything important to do. This was because her twin sister and the other princess of the desert, Astael, dealt with all the politics, civilian laws, and rulings. And that was just how Veifira liked it. She would much rather be spending her time browsing the merchant stalls in Qasala, asking about any items that looked like they would have a colorful history, and sampling street foods that simply weren’t available at the castle. The palace chefs refused to serve Meat and Fruit Kebabs and Qando Fruit foods, even when Veifira had asked them to. Since the alarm had gone off today, that meant Astael had Veifira’s lady-in-waiting set it, and that meant there was a meeting later today. Astael was the one who put that alarm clock in Veifira’s room and promised to only set it for important days, least Veifira throw it out.

"Petpetpet Wars:Part Two" by herdygerdy
The weeks passed, as they had the tendency to do. The march of war continued at the same old pace, and Captain Finnegan was almost in a dream. Each day he'd go out on patrol and shoot the Mootix scum out of the sky. He'd watch other pilots have their ballons blown to pieces, or notice as their balloons didn't return. He'd watch the new recruits arrive at the base and launch themselves into duty with almost sickening enthusiasm. He'd watch as the reality of war sunk in, and their once wide eyes became sunken and depressed. That was war, it was Finnegan's job… but now, it seemed largely irrelevant. He didn't live for the battles anymore. He lived for something different. Each night, he'd leave the base and enter the town. He'd make his way to the same old tavern and sit down at the bar. He'd order the usual from the bartender, and sit back as the songs of the Veespa, Tanya, washed over him. When she was finished, they'd sit at the bar and talk until dawn's first light began to shine through the cracks in the walls. They'd talk of their pasts, theirs presents, and their dreams of the future. Finnegan found himself pouring out his heart to this mysterious singer that he'd only just met.He lived for the nights, where he could escape the horrors of the war, and pretend he was someone else entirely. ***

Petpets can be Spooky too!

This week's issue is brought to you by: Spooky Petpets
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