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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

For the past three days, Draikessa the Eventide Draik and her friend Kayennah the Pirate Krawk had spent the majority of their time seeking out the Baby Bruce known as Boochi. Draikessa was determined to discover if there was any truth behind the myth that Boochi randomly zapped Neopians in Baby neopets, and if so, why? After a chance encounter with a sobbing Boochi three days earlier (an encounter in which had NOT resulted in anyone being zapped Baby, Draikessa regularly reminded her friend), Draikessa was convinced that the Boochi myth was just that: a myth; or that Boochi actually need their help.

10 Things Only Old Timers Will Remember

Neopets has been around for a long time, since 1999 to be exact. A lot has changed, some things have stayed the same, some things have revamped and others have all but disappeared. Let us take a stroll down memory lane for the old timers and uncover some interesting history for the newbies.

Professional Usul Skiing - A Retrospective

With another Usul Skiing Season rapidly approaching, now is a great time to remember and appreciate Terror Mountain’s most exciting sporting event – Alpine Speed Racing. Many Usuls from all over Neopia have travelled to stay in Happy Valley lodges each winter for as long as snow has graced those iconic slopes.

The Life Lessons I've Learned By Growing Up With Neo

I have been a part of the Neopets community for as long as I can remember. When I first signed up, I was a teenager just gaining access to the glorious thing that people can’t live without these days, the internet. I remember joining, because I thought the concept of caring for a virtual pet was cute and would give me something to do in my spare time. Over fifteen years have gone by since then.

Other Stories
"An Interview With Illusen" by pupeez4eva
Sophie should have been excited. She was still fairly new at this whole reporting thing, and someone as inexperienced as her usually didn’t get such high profile cases. She’d already had a chance to interview Jhudora (although she was pretty sure that was because everyone else had been too terrified to do it), and now here she was, with Illusen the Earth Faerie herself. This should have been great…and yet Sophie couldn’t help but feel that something was very wrong. For one thing, apparently the faerie had REQUESTED her, and Sophie, for the life of her, couldn’t figure out why. And ever since the faerie had greeted her at the doorway, Sophie had sensed something…off about her. Maybe she was just being silly — it’s not like she was a mind-reader or anything — but she couldn’t help feeling awkward and out of place. Sophie shuffled in her seat uncomfortably, and took a sip from her cup of tea. She shouldn’t be feeling this uneasy; if she could survive an interview with Jhudora of all people, Illusen should be a piece of cake. But Illusen kept watching her, and even though she seemed pleasant enough, Sophie could SWEAR there was something strange lurking in her gaze. Maybe she was just being paranoid, but… Illusen coughed politely, and Sophie quickly glanced down at her notebook. Her boss had shoved it in her hands earlier this morning, telling her to follow the script. She could totally do that. She glanced up again, and smiled. “I guess I’ll start by asking you why you wanted to organise this interview.” “It seemed like a good idea.” Illusen smiled politely, and Sophie relaxed. She was getting worked up over nothing. This was Illusen, one of the GOOD faeries. She’d already seen the worst of the lot; she had nothing to fear from the faerie in front of her. “I haven’t done one of these before, and I thought it was about time.” Sophie nodded. “Yes but…I have to ask — why did you ask for ME specifically?”

"The World We Won" by the_furreh_one
Masses of Neopians huddled in the streets; some fearful, some bitter and resigned. Some petpets stayed close to their owners, snapping at the pink beasts which kept the groups in line, others stuck close to their owners for some sort of comfort. Around the group, dozens of Meepits in all sorts of colors herded the Neopians into small groups, their expressions dull and exhausted, many longing to return to the luxury of a quiet Neohome and the comforting yet boring discussion of evil plots that seemed too ridiculous to ever pass. Who would have thought that the Meepits would have won? (Whoever called ruling the world glamorous is a liar.) The invasion had happened so fast, it almost felt like a dream - the kind that's disjointed, and leave you only half-remembering shadowy visions and bright lights. It started with a call to unite, swaying other petpets who felt mistreated or neglected to a united cause. They had to keep it subtle; they couldn't have had the Sway find out about their plan, not after the last time. They started by discreetly disposing of any great leaders they could, as fast as possible before anyone found out. By the time they had managed to finally track down capture the Duchess, Neopia had fallen into panic with no one to lead them. It's surprisingly easy to take charge over a world of hysterics, but far harder to keep order. No one kept track of who fell in the first few days. Most petpets who joined the cause of the Meepits defected back to their Neopet owners, whether it be due to regret, fear, or a simple desire to avoid the blame. But eventually, things were sorted out somewhat, and most of the fiercest rebels had been put out of commission. Yes, the Meepits had won, and now ruled over Neopia with iron paws. So... why weren't they happy? Within a somewhat worn-down home in Neopia Central, a Jelly Meepit practically squished her face against the slightly cracked glass of the window, internally thanking herself for not signing up for the Meepit-Neopian Order Unit. Behind her, a Starry Meepit rummaged through a toppled drawer, stressed as could be.

"Meal Pending" by meeshell362
Alabaster watched the stone doorway intently from around the corner. He could smell the tasty aroma of the Breakfast Croissant wafting out of the shop. His stomach growled at the thought of a piece of Real Cheese Cheesecake. Alabaster licked his lips when he heard the sound of a can of fizzling Elderberry Achyfi being poured. This was practically a form of torture. The shadow of the shopkeeper danced along the ground as the owner danced around inside the shop, showing off his edible wares to paying customers. Alabaster started to lose hope that there would be anything left over. He couldn’t give up, though. It was already midmorning and all of the other shops would have been claimed by others for the day. Alabaster strengthened his resolve and continued to wait. His renewed determination kept him intently following the shopkeeper’s shadow for all of about five seconds. There’s got to be a better way, Alabaster thought to himself. He was getting frustrated with this lifestyle and needed a solution. Just as he started to turn away from the shop, the yellow chia stepped outside with some leftover food bits from the morning rush. He walked over to the dumpster and tossed them in. Alabaster impatiently moved forward, ready to pounce on the food as soon as the chia left. He must have made too much noise, though, because the shopkeeper turned around and spotted Alabaster sitting at the edge of the shop wall, waiting. “Shoo! Shoo, you kiddie kad! Get out of here!” Alabaster turned and fled the area as the yellow chia chased him, shooing him away with a dirty washrag. Alabaster ran as far as he could before he had to stop and catch his breath. He looked around to see how far he had run. The money tree was to his left, most likely filled with tons of delicious fresh foods just waiting to be snatched up and eaten. Alabaster continued past it, though, since he wasn’t allowed inside. Straight ahead he found the petpet shop. Perhaps he could convince the shop owner to sell him to a loving family that would take care of him. He walked up to the shop, cracked open the front door, and peeked his head inside. A motherly looking usul turned her attention away from a giggling eizzil and looked toward the door when she heard the bell jingle. Her smile faded when she noticed Alabaster sitting warily at the bottom of the recently opened door.

Warm Up With Neopia's Best Soup.

This week's issue is brought to you by: The Soup Kitchen
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Janet and Jane: The Case of the Faked Test Scores: Part Three
This isn't my test!” James exclaimed. He slammed the paper down on the table. “I remember exactly I wrote for my essay and this isn't it!” “But that's your handwriting,” I informed as I looked at the paper. It was James' handwriting. I could recognize it easily.

by chasing_stars44


Meal Pending
Alabaster watched the stone doorway intently from around the corner. He could smell the tasty aroma of the Breakfast Croissant wafting out of the shop. His stomach growled at the thought of a piece of Real Cheese Cheesecake. Alabaster licked his lips when he heard the sound of a can of fizzling Elderberry Achyfi being poured. This was practically a form of torture.

by meeshell362


The Neovian Misadventure of Will and Biggs: Part Six
The moon peeked out from the clouds and Biggs got to his feet after putting the remaining contents of Ms.Wisp’s satchel together. “Do you suppose she lives at the soup kitchen?” “Perhaps.” Will yawned as he got up off the forest floor. Together they struggled through the trees, back to the rough dirt road just outside of town. Will started to scrape his claws up against a tree, ”Does everywhere have to be so filthy?!”

by general_grievious__


The Top Five Neopets for Beginners
So after months of whining and begging and blackmailing etc, you’ve finally gotten your friend to take a look at Neopets for the very first time. Everything’s going pretty smoothly, filling out the paperwork and registering as a Neopian and such. But then the proud new citizen enters the Adoption Center, and is immediately bombarded by dozens of adorable faces, all beaming up at them with hopeful eyes and perked ears.

by nikibogwater


Nonlinear Companions: Dawn: Part One
I wasn’t prepared for the exam, neither was I prepared for Westron to come bumbling into my life. I was lazing on a grassy bank, notes spread about me, debating internally on where I should begin, when I heard a strange sound behind me, I turned to see what had caused it. There was a tree nearby and from the base of it I could see a sneakered foot poking out from behind. I knew at that point someone was spying on me.

Also by ukases

by _starryeyedsurprise_

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