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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

The players take their starting places, and then the real star of the game emerges. Not from the tunnel, like the other players, this one, spectacular being rises like the star it resembles from the centre of the pitch and bursts, beautiful, into its own position. After the briefest moment of adulation, the Referee blasts her whistle, and the Yooyuball curls, ready for the game to start. Without the Yooyu, the game of Yooyuball would not exist. Other ball games do not have the excitement or energy required to become a unifying event. When it comes to the Altador Cup, there is no shortage of comment pieces from a wide variety of sources. From the players to the commentators, the fans to the managers, everyone who is involved with the AC has an opinion, and their own views on the games that unite Neopia. But in every story, one viewpoint is missing. This is that missing viewpoint.

Gifts for Draik

When a Neopet species day is coming up, do you always wonder what gift to get?What do you get for the one that`s crazy about Kougras, or loves Lupes, or think Acaras are amazing? Now that Draik day is upon us, I have put together this article to help you find a great gift for your Neofriends that adore Draiks. Whatever your friends interests or personality, you are sure to find the perfect present for them within this list. There are gifts for the booklover, the battler, the gardener and the collector! Grab yourself a Draik Lollypop and let`s dive in!

Secret Lives of
Invisible Pets

If you’ve ever seen someone on the Neoboards who seems to have nothing more than an empty box beside the name of their active Neopet, then you’ve come across an invisible pet! With the right background, and maybe a few wearable trinkets, they can look rather striking, and since and Invisible Paint Brush is only 300,000 NP, with a little saving you could have your very own invisible pet! However, it’s just possible that when you paint your pet, a little more goes on than you had first expected…

Mystery Pic: Questions Unasked & Answers Unsolicited

In the Month of Relaxing, Neopia received some exciting news: the Mystery Picture Competition returned after its three and a half month long hiatus! Although the Mystery Picture Competition is back, regular participants will have noticed it has undergone some changes. The competition has also been made a lot more difficult than it was before its disappearance… which means you’re in need of tips now more than ever, right? ;)

Other Stories
"Discovery of Brightvale" by dewdropzz
Splendid banners of green, white and gold hang proudly in every doorway. Tapestries and all manor of decoration imaginable adorn the walls of every hall. A grey Kougra in a smart black suit walks through the halls of Brightvale Castle, his dress shoes clicking on the cobblestone floor with every hurried step he takes. As he rounds a corner, he slows his feverish pace, and takes a moment to re-collect himself at a large, wooden door. He fiddles with his tie, straightens his files in his trustee burgundy binder, and knocks gently on the door.

"Dazzling Draik's Dilemma" by _brainchild_
"Christine!" exclaimed Nadaba the Maraquan Draik. The owner turned, wondering what her pet was so excited about. "Yes?" she replied. "You have an offer on your Pink Draik Morphing Potion!" "Really?" answered Christine joyfully. "Let's go over to the Trading Post and see what the offer is." Christine, Nadaba, and another one of the owner's pets, Florezca, crossed the wondrous ocean waves to make their way to Mystery Island. The shining water reflected the sunlight, resulting in a beautiful display. "Wow!" exclaimed Flor as she gazed at the breathtaking, picturesque scene.

"Mystery Island Mayhem" by theschizophrenicpunk
The Lost Desert? Too hot. Terror Mountain? Too cold. Jelly World? It doesn’t exist, *cough* yeah right… Mystery Island? YEAH! With sandy beaches and glistening sea water, tropical fruits, (some) friendly natives, and not to mention many activities from volleyball to Tombola, Mystery Isle is the perfect place to take a vacation, even for those slightly crazy. After searching through the lost city of Geraptiku for nearly three hours straight, dodging arrows and venomous petpets, Apsy was more than tired, especially since she and her brother Sky also had to baby-sit their friend Tintilla the Darigan Gelert and her pet Zomutt Nanna that day, for Tintilla was more than crazy – she was always hyper, and, no matter what Apsy or Sky said, Tintilla refused to listen.

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