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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

I am also outraged at the clumsiness of humans. Yes, I admit, the whole opposable-thumb trick is rather nifty, but that's really all you people have to show for yourself. You can't fly, breathe fire, and most of you can't even juggle. What's wrong with you?

What to Do: Jhudora Day

Many of us are asking ourselves now, what should we do on the greatest holiday in Neopian history? Well I can answer that question for you! Below, I have compiled a list of twenty four (February fourth = 2/4 = 24) things you can do on the third annual, super duper, super dark, Jhudora Day!!

Battledoming Guilds

These days finding a Battledome guild well suited to your needs is a rather difficult process. If you’ve ever taken a step into the Battledome board you will know exactly what I mean. Imagine, you are just one user surrounded by thousands of topics stating "Join, 'insert guild name here' or DIE!"

How to Win Trophies

Have you ever visited someone’s user-lookup and been awed by all the shiny medals and trophies? Did you drool over your keyboard and stare at the person’s username jealously? Well, wipe off that drool and start staring at this article because I’ll show you how to win the top five easiest trophies!

Other Stories
"Venturing Into Jhudora's Cloud" by shadowcristal and precious_katuch14
Jhudora's Cloud, with all its hidden traps and dangers for those who dared to enter. Magical shields to keep nosy faeries away, and scary, swirling smoke that scared the faint-hearted Neopets. The green Xweetok clenched her paw as she skipped upwards on the spiraling clouds. I'm not afraid, she told herself...

"The Latest and Greatest Recruit of Dr. Frank Sloth" by sarahleeadvent
I'm determined to land this job. Oops- got to go, Journal- the ferry just decloaked and the pilot's saying something about a screening system and interrogation room and- and he says that if I don't put you away right now you'll be the last thing I eat this week. I don't think he's serious, but- OK, OK, I'm coming!

"Illusen's Bad Day" by ailkenorem
"Does anyone know where I put my cookie?" asked Illusen hysterically. She was having some trouble finding one of her Illusen's Cookies to give to a quester. Getting increasingly frustrated, she moved around the glade trying to find the cookie. Illusen was having a bad day. No, more like an awful, terrible, horrible kind of day. For one thing...

Splash for Success!

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