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Short Stories

When Tomato Plants Attack

A mage on a farm? Guess agriculture must be their chosen…field.

by precious_katuch14
The Nightmare

Maldice is trapped in a deep slumber, and it's up to Walda to save her!

by _brainchild_

Mel the pink Xweetok wakes up to find a very different Neopia than the one she remembers...

by bex2633
The Dream at Illmoor

The dream of that awful, haunted night will stay with me forever. Perhaps by relating my account, I might be free of such thoughts, but I have little hope of that after so long...

by herdygerdy
The Fortunate Misfortune

Have you been zapped today?

by sleepiestkitty
The Celestial Egg of the Tyrannian Plateau

There is a tale that borders on fantasy and reality, told by seers and prophets that describe how the plateau, canyons, culture, and lush forests of Tyrannia came to be.

by deadpoolio809
Unforgettable Conscience

The beginning of an out-of-body experience in another's conscience

by love_check
Jhudora and Illusen's Surreal Adventure

Jhudora and Illusen find themselves trapped in a strange land...

by smart100000
A Plushie Bruce's Story

Robinisha's first memory was of being in a factory...

by swordlilly
Something Has Happened! When Dreams Make No Sense

Stranger things have happened…collab with honorrolle and hilary_duff_fan_16

by superkathiee
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"The Dream at Illmoor" by herdygerdy
I did not perform exceedingly well in my final Neoschool examinations. I suppose, you might say, that was the cause of it. The reason that I was drawn to that dreadful place all those years ago. It does little good to dwell on the possibilities of what could have been, but I find in those quiet, empty moments of twilight, my mind will think of nothing else. The dream of that awful, haunted night will stay with me forever. Perhaps by relating my account, I might be free of such thoughts, but I have little hope of that after so long. With little prospects in Neopia Central and parents who were judgmental in that gentle, unassuming way about my academic failure, I took whatever opportunity to get out of that stinking, polluted city that I could. It was a fashion in those days for young folk to take roles in companies as door to door salesmen. It was a time before Neovision had properly taken hold in the populace, and lies - or rather, exaggerations - about a product’s virtues were easily sold on the doorstep. Neopia Central had only just opened its borders to the boundless lands that lay beyond. The entire globe was an unbridled frontier of opportunities. I gained employment as such a salesman for Fawcett Manufacturing, the company that makes the patented E-Z Brand of consumable goods.

Other Stories


An Eggs-istential Interview with the Giant Omelette
A Surreal Interview with One of the Treasures of Neopia

by fox_confessor


An Interview with Darrel Latch
Please enjoy our latest entry to the Eyes on Central interviewer series, with acclaimed art filmmaker, Darrel Latch.

by homsar_eggplant


A Hero's Ballad: The Knightmare
“I swear it was an accident,” Kayla began again, her voice shaking, “I didn’t mean to trap Rohane in a dream!”

by parody_ham


The Adventures of Fanny in the Land of the Bizarre
Today was the day Fanny would find an Aquaberry. She breathed in and could taste hopeful anticipation in the dry, dusty air – an air just waiting to be filled with the joyful tribulation of finding a fruit of such precipitous precipitation.

by rielcz


PrePAWSterous: Surreal Idea
How do baby pteris even eat?

by pau_meow


A Big Misunderstanding
He misheard but still did his best!

by pequepanda

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