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Short Stories

A Hero's Ballad: The Marrow

Rohane finds himself in a dingy tavern known as The Mangled Marrow...

by parody_ham
Sympathy for a Slushie Slinger

Because customers should be nicer to the slushie lady.

by thatdoodlebunny

Back in year three, during the Month of Eating, a yellow Wocky professor used a time-travelling machine that crashed somewhere in ancient Tyrannia...

by cazcazig
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"A Hero's Ballad: The Marrow" by parody_ham
”I can’t live like this anymore…” The words escaped Rohane’s lips as he sat sulking in the courtyard garden, face buried into his hands. An amber sky slowly shifted to eventide as his stomach grumbled in defiance. When he heard that the kitchen staff would be making meatloaf for the fifth time this week, he voluntarily chose to pick up his own groceries and cook a simple meal. That was the plan, at least. Now he wished that there was a morsel of leftovers in the mess hall, a sliver of meat loaf or a helping of creamed corn. Just the thought of any sort of food made his mouth water. But only a single roll remained, one he polished off in five seconds flat. “You should’ve asked earlier,” the head chef said, pausing briefly from his cleanup while his staff wiped down tables and swept the floors. The sweaty green Moehog had thinning brown hair lost in part from the frequent shenanigans of the Order.

Other Stories


A Slushie Slinger’s Take on Neopia’s Top Slushies
Hi! I’m Tara, one of Altador’s pro Slushie Slingers, and I’m here to dish out the juicy gossip around the coolest, rarest, and just plain best slushies in Neopia!

by weee5067


Petpet Underappreciation
Because of my desire to share my enthusiastic love of petpets with others, here are the top three items on my list of reasons petpets are great!

by kathleen_a_b


Lupe Pack Detectives-The Fake Detective
The penultimate chapter of the Lupe Pack Detectives-The Fake Detective series!

by lupe_hunter_7


A Hero's Journey: Rivalry
The complicated feelings brewing between Jeran and Rohane finally bubble to the surface...

by precious_katuch14


Don't Pet Anything you Find Cute!
Some people find cute things that are... Less obvious. Collab with nepocci & gabi100pitty

by tangamandapiano


You Can't Treat Sloth Like That
What? No!! Collab with Romina_R

by nico_andresss

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