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Short Stories

The Faerie Queen and the Draik Who Would Be King

Queen Fyora places her faith in trust rather than fear...

by precious_katuch14
The Hidden Tower

A shy wocky is in for quite a surprise when a letter brings her to Faerieland...

by zufoxz
The Siege of Faerieland

Have you ever heard the "Faerieland Bedtime Story"?

by honorrolle
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The Faerieland Royal Family

Most Neopians recognize her everywhere she goes. Her lavender scent, as well as her dress along with her soft voice, draws immediate reverence from any audience. She is the Faerie Queen after all. And she has her very own holiday that many Neopians are eager to celebrate. However, the rest of the royalty in Faerieland had long remained a mystery. One could not be faulted if they thought Queen Fyora was the only royalty in Faerieland. Of course, she's the most prominent of them all. So, allow us to go into a deeper dive into the Faerieland royal family from her closest confidant to her more recently appointed “Master Thief” Hanso.

Other Stories


A History of Famous Yurbles
Yurbles were first discovered in Neopia in Year 6 and are found everywhere in Neopia, yet we don’t have a lot of visibility. I mean, how many of us can name a Yurble besides the Janitor in Altador?

by elhiwe


The Best Fashion Trends for JubJubs
In honour of the upcoming JubJub day!

by 2215017


The Power of Twelve
The Darkest Faerie returns to Altador, but surprises the Council by immediately surrendering...

by herdygerdy


The Royal Axis: Pushing Back The Dark
The thrilling conclusion to The Royal Axis: Pushing Back The Dark!

by iamnotaaron


Blossoms~ Heart to Heart Part 1
Magic is something to be proud of.

by twillieblossom


Neopets Pixel Cross Puzzle
Do you have what it takes to solve this pixel cross puzzle?

by krabby_55

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