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Short Stories

You Are What You Eat

You know what they say...

by smart100000
How to Study with Friends

Or what to do when you keep gravitating to each other.

by liouchan
Rise from the Fall

Dedicated to my selfless friend, the Pink Lily in the story, who always goes out of their way to help their friends!

by pixie_tea
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An Updated Guide To Creative Spotlights, Y22 Edition

There have been many guides written about the Neopian Creative Spotlights, but none have been written in Y22! And as time goes on, things about the contests change. I’m here to give you a rundown of the 4 main spotlights: Art Gallery, Poetry Gallery, Storytelling Competition, and of course, the Neopian Times itself. In this guide, I’ll talk about what each spotlight is, the schedule, submission timing, themed days, and pro tips for each one. A disclaimer: as I am simply a seasoned spotlight enter-er, please take my words with a grain of salt. I am merely compiling contest rules, my experiences and the patterns I have noticed from each contest. And as always, these patterns and schedules are subject to change per TNT—so you might notice discrepancies between this brief guide and how the contests actually run.

Other Stories


The Mountain Climbers - An Interview with Prytariel
An exclusive interview with Prytariel, the captain of the Terror Mountain Yooyuball team, just after she finished her daily practice sessions.

by skatabo


Get Avatar-Ready for Summer
Time to brush the dust off some beautiful, old avatars that have been collecting dust in the shadows for the past 9 months and re-visiting some of our old favourites to show your Neofriends that this is your year, and you are ready to own this summer...

by horp


A Hero's Journey: Rivalry
Tensions are high as Jeran and Rohane have a rematch...

by precious_katuch14


Lupe Pack Detectives - The Fake Detective
Blizzard the Lupe detective stumbles upon an arson case, but suspects there is more than meets the eye about this case...

by lupe_hunter_7


The Misadventures of Snor: What a Grey day!
Playing with puddles has never been so much fun! Collab with theofloppy4135

by verna_


Trying His Best
Hmmm I wonder... Collab with riparu

by mikurubeam297

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