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Short Stories

The Disappearance of Chet Flash: A Gamer’s Revenge

Passionate gamer Nadaba is determined to get the games back up and running after Dr. Sloth shuts them off!

by _brainchild_
Chet Runner

Amidst Neopian skies, some means of hover cart pierces the clouds. Its glistening grey shell emerges unscathed, save for a fine layer of moisture reflecting a dawn’s sunlight...

by homsar_eggplant
Chet Flash Wuz Here, Twumbo, April Fools!

Mumbo and Twumbo's plan for April Fool's day takes an unexpected turn...

by bubbles150
Cali & the Faulty Fairground

On her way to work at the Coconut Shy, Cali the Cybunny realizes there is something amiss at the Deserted Fairground.

by cookiez101
Usuki Singing Stars #53: Alan's Short Story (collab)

Dedicated to Al. Whenever your story comes out, I'll be the first to love it!

by downrightdude
Alice and Topsi's Neggcellent Adventure

Alice the Shoyru comes across a startling sight while searching for neggs.

by rielcz
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"Cali & the Faulty Fairground" by cookiez101
Everything seemed normal that day. Cali, the blue Cybunny, rose early. Sunlight was already peeking into her colourfully decorated room, seeming to fill all the blue-shaded décor within, almost as if there were an ocean of jellyfish filling the walls. Cali scratched her ears, then stood, unrolling her yoga mat next to her bedside table. Cali completed her routine in order – first focusing on stretching her legs, arms, then ears. After becoming absorbed in her routine, she completed her workout with a final inhale, exhale, then opened her eyes, rolled her mat up, and padded into the kitchen. Something was slightly off in the kitchen. Entering, she shuffled about, unsure of what was amiss. She ran her paw over her Chokato Table, the centerpiece of her blue-hued kitchen. It felt as if she was running her hand over paper, instead of smoothly painted ceramic. Cali shrugged. Maybe her fur was getting shaggy, was all?

Other Stories


Chet Flash Wuz Here and left.
Chet Flash decides to leave his job to explore!

by clovertheperidot


Beware of HTML5 Conversion Fraud
In recent months, Neopia has undergone significant improvements related to Flash conversion to HTML5 that are affecting the lives of many of its inhabitants...

by ziemelbriedis


The Flash Drive
A flashtastrophe rocks Neopia!

by liouchan


The Curse of Geraptiku Tombs
A mysterious figure forces Asnu and Aizii to enter the Tomb of Geraptiku in search of a legendary treasure...

by asnu


Shoyru Time Crossword!
Time to learn all about shoyrus!

by eleganza_lights


A Flash Funeral
RIP Chet! Collab with Spotsilver

by andypopo

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