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Short Stories

Almost Friendly

Illusen finds solace in an unlikely place after her ideas are shot down by the Faerie Council.

by iamcjblack
Gourmet Mynci Day

A hard-working Mynci is determined to not let the woes of his day job stop him from enjoying Mynci day!

by cazcazig
The Transfer

Between the constant construction of the new wing in the Pound and dealing with hopeful owners and distraught Neopets, neither Dr. Death or Rose had seen the delivery of the large, heavy metal container that now sat inside their joint office.

by _corvus
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3 Non-Flash Games To Hold You Over

Now that Flash games are a thing of the past, you might be wondering how to spend your copious free time (or how to fix your sudden drop in income). Games are being converted as we speak, but a lot of your favourites are probably still missing for now. Fear not! This guide will walk you through the best non-Flash games to substitute into your daily routine. Game You Miss: Black Pawkeet Slots/Brucey B Slots Game To Try: Scorchy Slots Talk about a blast from the past! Scorchy Slots is one of the earliest Neopets games, and it shows: the artwork and Neopoint values feel...vintage. However, if you can look past the lack of flashy graphics and loud noises, you’ll find that Scorchy Slots feels like the laid-back cousin of Black Pawkeet and Brucey B Slots.

Other Stories


A Critique of My New Home’s Library
Since I know not everyone has an as excellent taste as I, I have decided to write this article to tell you exactly what to avoid.

by the_spirit_realm


Which Iconic Battledome Challenger Are You? Quiz
Gather your best weapons and get ready for a challenge!

by drgnswor


Trouble in Paradise
Drew leads Mipsy and Velm through the treacherous temple traps.

by parody_ham


When the End......
Another story of ancient Bori civilization...

by daveandbaltoro


More Than Just NP at the Wishing Well
Littering isn't cool, little Kyrii!

by akezis


A Minor Problem...
And this is why all verbal requests are banned at the Kreludan Mining Corp. collab with andypopo

by baiuki

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