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Short Stories

Daiki's Dummy

Daiki struggles to let go of his childhood pacifier...

by littledifferent
Eadey the Pest

Ayva clashes with her sister Eadey...

by bramleyhedge
The Little Voice

Everyone has a little voice in the back of their head. This one happens to drive a yurble towards her inner darkness.

by fallingdaybreak
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Welcome to the Vegetable Patch

It is no secret that I have a soft spot for 'vegetable' Chias (the clue is in my user name) and my little ol' veggie garden is constantly watched over by reformed Chiavore and chia champion, Chiaholic, the glorious Ghost Lupe - who makes absolutely sure that my fabulous vegetable Chias (along with their Petpets and P3s) are free to frolic peacefully in their gorgeous garden, without any fear of being nibbled, sliced or steamed. You may very well have already noticed that some vegetable types are only found in and around certain Neopian lands whilst others are not always quite so easy to identify since a few fruits are really rather sneaky - shamelessly masquerading as veggies when they are not! Fruits which are often misclassified and/or mistakenly described as vegetables include: Aubergines, Peppers and Tomatoes.

Other Stories


Welcome to the Vegetable Patch
Welcome to the most extensive vegetable chia guide this side of Neopia...

by carrotopian


Avoiding Overwhelm after Hiatus Returns
Tips and support to help you Return to Neopets without eating an overwhelm sandwich

by pinkittygirl


Si & Jay
The misadventures of a young Siyana (Si) and Jerdana (Jay) before they served on the council of Altador come to an end!

by cookiez101


Neopia Central: The Musical!
Join us for the thrilling finale!

by rielcz


Kiss Me
Let's be Mortogs together :)

by crazyjoe99


Crokabek Comic
You wanna be active?

by _corvus

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