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Short Stories

Usuki Singing Stars #52: Scary's Secret Admirer

“Great! Can this terrible day get even worse??” Scary slammed her locker shut...

by downrightdude
The Protector

I was a protector, and it was my duty to watch over this little girl. I could feel it.

by sophieecanfly
Heart Of Hope

For my pets. Happy Valentines Day!

by harvestmoon66
The Tale of Two Artists: A Valentine’s Story

Happy Valentines Day! collab with honorrolle

by superkathiee
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Buyers Guide: Valentine's Day Cards

It’s a day people love (pun intended) or hate, and inevitably, it comes every year. Every 14th of Awakening, a large portion of the population wishes to acknowledge friends and share their love. A smaller portion (including the likes of Jhudora or Dr. Sloth) want no part in its festivities and would wish misery to those happy people. Nothing says you appreciate someone’s friendship on Valentine’s Day like a good card. Handwritten or store-bought, a card (and more importantly, its message) show that you care and are thinking of them. This guide will help you pick the card that sends the message you actually intended – good or bad. So before you pull out your trusty mail stuffer and waste precious stamps, let’s take a deep dive into the art of giving a card.

Other Stories


How to Not Celebrate Jhudora Day

by amplificationsseasy


Jhudora: Truly a Good Faerie
Jhudora is considered a dark Faerie in Neopia. But let's be honest, is she really that bad?

by midnightsmores


Thompkens Jenkins, Master of Disguise
Thompkens Jenkins tries out his Mrs. Dinsley disguise...

by dewdropzz


Si & Jay
The misadventures of a young Siyana (Si) and Jerdana (Jay) before they served on the council of Altador.

by cookiez101


A Valentine's Find the Difference
Can you spot all 10 differences?

by eleganza_lights


Very Good Cards
Happy Valentine's Day. Collab with theofloppy4135

by verna_

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