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Short Stories

Like Claws on a Chalkboard

An unconventional musician is determined to play at the Jaunty Jubulius Jitterbug Jazzy Jubilee Jiggy Jamboree for the Jolly Jubilation of Juliana Jetsam.

by sarah_jackie
Five More Minutes

Five friends take Neopia by storm with their music!

by bubbles150
Dance of the Battle

Rohane, Talina, Mipsy, and Velm find themselves in an unusual kind of battle... collab with forgottenbirthdays

by platinum_marauder
The Fat Lady Sings

A theatrical troupe does their best to make a difference in Meridell

by herdygerdy
Not What You Hoped For

A shy zafara decides to enter in the local talent show. Collab with muddywater1

by the_gecko_dude_ii
Saskori and the Haunted Theater

Saskori investigates a Haunted Theater, but even she's surprised at what's haunting it.

by june_scarlet
Beauty and The Pianist

A bubbly dancer and cantankerous pianist are paired together for an upcoming performance... Collab with yajuta_warrior

by iggy___koopa
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This Play Went off Without a Hitch

Welcome to a behind-the-scenes look at Neopia’s newest play: The Fall, a dramatic retelling of the times before, during, and after Faerieland fell. As this play is presented by the illustrious Brightvale University, this special series of interviews will be conducted by Sally Mance, author for Brightvale University’s own “Golden Quill.” Follow her in and around the set as she speaks with the stars of the show, the props department, and some of the dedicated volunteers who make everything happen behind-the-scenes. The final series of interviews will be conducted with a combination of reviewers and members of the audience as they recount their profound experiences with the play.

Other Stories


Post-Performance Routine Supplies
So your Neopet has moved into the theatre for the run of a new production...

by greyorangegrey


The King in Emerald Review: An Aipoen Classic
Denagoth von Drachenfels reviews The King in Emerald production put on by Darkdale University.

by homsar_eggplant


A Hero's Journey: Masquerade
Part 1: No Good Deed

by precious_katuch14


Neopia Central: The Musical!
Tix on sale now!

by rielcz


Mysterious Surprise
Ready for your surprise? Collab with crazy_mia and necromancer_6

by carmyyyyy


Puns Are Fun
YEEEAAAH Collab with larkspurlane

by _razcalz_

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