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Short Stories

Faerie Fables – Mira the Space Faerie

Mira giggled as she grabbed the apple and banana out of the fruit bowl and placed them into her backpack, it was a pleasant accompaniment to the two cheese sandwiches, she had already packed.

By Devotedly, Tarons & Sportsagain

by devotedly

At Your Brilliance

I've come back to Neopets to purely write for the Neopian Times. You'll see more from me in the future! ~Kelvin

by weewoowriter
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"At Your Brilliance" by weewoowriter
Axanzo, the yellow Lupe, panted heavy breaths as he staggered up the steep hill overlooking Neopia Central. The sound of his breathing hushed the endless chatter of the shopping square crowds behind him. When he reached the top, he hunched forward with his hands on his knees and gasped for air. The series of raspy breaths annoyed a green Peophin lying on his stomach with his chin nestled in the crux of his elbows. “Out of all the places,” said Axanzo, failing to finish his sentence in favor of taking in long breaths from the refreshing breeze gracing the hilltop. Dravneel nuzzled his chin deeper into his arms. “You didn’t have to look for me.” With his lungs cooled down with the crisp air, Axanzo straightened his back with shoulders relaxed. He stepped right in front of Dravneel’s view. Against the sun, all the green Peophin could see was a dark silhouette of tall and sinewy Lupe. “Our owner said he finished shopping.” Axanzo ducked down to meet the eye level of his moping friend, close enough for Dravneel to feel the yellow Lupe’s warm breath wafting against his forehead. “And we’re not leaving without you.”

Other Stories


Cumulative trophies: Are they really impossible?
I made this guide after finally accomplishing my trophy goal, and hope others can benefit from my experiece :)

by calcious_lalo


The Returning Neopian’s Guide to Neopoint Banking
This may turn into a series. As a Neopian who has taken many hiatus (hiati?) I thought some articles may be nice.

by kiss_from_a_faerie


Three of a kind:Part Two
“Don’t worry about it, Goo,” Ash replied, shaking his head, and earning frown from Steel.

by rkbear


A Shattered Confession:Part Six
The courtroom was quiet for a second before it exploded into a cacophony of outrage, the screaming voices loud enough to send the tables and court stand shaking slightly.

by fallingdaybreak


Life As A Kad: Struggles 2
Illusen just wanted cuddles...

by anniversarium


Listen to your parents!
Told ya

by kiwigoddesskimmie

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