Come dance with the Wanderers... Circulation: 195,875,282 Issue: 881 | 25th day of Collecting, Y21
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Short Stories

Beware The Zomutt!

A shock of light blue fur emerged from behind the Ice Caves' headstone in the Game Graveyard. Large floppy ears twitched as the Neopet raised his nose to the sky and scented the air. The Baby Lupe's red bandanna was disheveled and his eyelids drooped. He had spent the last hour challenging himself with the now retired puzzles in the Ice Caves.

by manifestbethany
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Celebrating Korbat Day this Fall

Korbats face the stigma of being seen as terrifying neopets - I mean after all, they are bats and they lurk in the darkest of nights with their favourite haunt being the eerie Haunted Woods. With Halloween around the corner of Korbat Day, it’s hard not associating them with the spooky holiday and thinking they are malicious or children of Halloween. However, one afternoon stroll in the month of Collecting with my pets, I encountered some Korbats having the time of their lives playing and rustling amongst fallen autumn leaves. I’ve hardly seen them frolicking in the day.

Other Stories


Making Neopets My Own
In the beginning:

Long ago -maybe not quite twenty years but certainly over a decade - I discovered one of the cutest spots on the internet.

by kayjay_96


Top 12 Tastiest Gross Foods
MMMM eat these ( a follow up to my top 15 grossest gross foods)

by coldblanket


The Legend of the Sixth Healer
There once was a great warrior in Altador, a master whose skill and power were renowned across the land, whose reverence for the eleven founders was unmatched, and who was even foretold to follow in their footsteps. Delia was her name. It was a name slated to go down in history, until the celebrated warrior was struck by a terrible illness.

by liouchan


Mystery of the Brightville Vanishing:Part Three
“And you found this note where?”

by josephinefarine


Mishaps in the battledome - snowager
Pea throws snowball

Idea by starscreamer54

by devotedly


Baker's Touch
What's wrong?

Collaboration with sessduh :)

by lastnightgus

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