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Short Stories

Usuki Singing Stars #45: It's Fun Without Scary!

That was so much fun, Patricia!” Sparkles gushed as she entered the living room. The pink Bruce turned to her friend and, with a wink, said, “With the perfect accessory, any girl can be a superstar!”

by downrightdude
The Blumalupe: Creation

Once upon a time, (or three years ago) there was a secret lab under the Neopian Central. The experiments performed in this lab, which was called Neopia Labs, were very important, and had been the subject of many sabotages, including the famous "Lupe Incident" where 20 extremely large Lupes broke out and ravaged Neopia for almost a year before they were captured.

by neotilted
Betrayal in the Snow

No one dares betray Galem Darkhand and Masila. All but one.

by fallingdaybreak
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"The Lost Tomb of the Old Kingdom:Part Two " by shadowknight_72
The siblings didn't say a word. They were frozen in place, paralyzed. After a tense moment, one of them mustered the courage to speak up. “What—I…I mean, who…are you?” Arthur stammered. The figure just stared at him. Though the bandages concealed most of her face, he could see from small slits in the fabric that he was staring into two wild looking yellow eyes, leering at the Zafara from a distance. “How ignorant you must be to not know who you speak to, child!” the mummy’s voice seethed with anger, “I’ll have you know that I am Rehema! Daughter of King Amit, and rightful ruler of Sakhmet and all the empires of the sands! And you will do well to remember it!” she outstretched her arm, pointing directly at the trio.

Other Stories


Superb Summer Reads
Summer is quickly coming to a close and what a better way to wrap up this month then with some good old summer reading! So get nice and comfy in your soft hammock underneath your favorite oak tree with a tall glass of iced cold tea because we will be starting this list off with an all time favorite!

by mewemy


Neopian Events - How to Plan Ahead
It’s always great to see Neopians with accounts that show that they have been loyal members. However, I’m typically surprised when I see that they haven’t participated in many of Neopets various events or plots through the years and earned the trophies that accompany them.

by _polonius_


A Storytellers' Journey Through Legends and Folklore:Part Two
The Storyteller, Maria, and the Pant Devil followed the faerie.

by rielcz


The Sisters of Pillar Grove:Part Ten
Lumin heard a commotion coming from the palace entrance. When he went to investigate, a group of soldiers told him that Jacenty had done something to Zircon and that he was taking commands from him.

by blueys45


Who's Bad?!
How many potatoes?

Collaboration with kayahtik

by kieselcamper


Maths Nightmare's Nightmare
This better get me the avatar...

The concept was by starscreamer54

by light_magical

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