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Short Stories

The Pteri who did not know how to fly

Once upon a time in Meridell, there was a tree; not too tall, not too short, with foliage as green as a fir that swayed in the wind like the softness of a Carmariller's wings-beating and strong branches as resilient as a Turdle.

collab with seniority

by fluffalspike

The Old Rules

The faerie watches her knowingly. They both know she is lying.

by candyplague
A Trek With Team Lost Cause 2: Coltzan's Curse

A follow-up to last year's story to help get everyone in the mood for the upcoming Altador Cup! Go LD!

by mimitchi880
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"A Trek With Team Lost Cause 2: Coltzan's Curse" by mimitchi880
"You do not have any draws left!” “I don’t have any what now?—I swear I had four left for the third round—” “There are no more available moves!” “Well, maybe if you hadn’t given me three eights in all the corners of the pyramid…” Vonde Cayle, Team Lost Desert’s left defender and off-season solitaire devotee, was having a particularly bad streak. The first day, he had pretended it was a small spell of awful luck when Sakhmet Solitaire gave him ten losing games in a row. Day two, he figured it could just be a hint of heat stroke keeping him from properly assessing the cards during Pyramids. It was day eight now. His ratio of losses to wins was more than 100:1. He felt like he hadn’t won a card game since before the last Neopian purge. Maybe even before the destruction of Qasala. It had been… a long time.For someone who scored as many goals as he did during the Altador Cup, he thought he deserved to be just a little bit better at some good old-fashioned desert cards.

Other Stories


A Guide to Gadgadsgame
Gadgadsgame is a pretty straightforward game to play, and one of the easier avatar awarding games. I hope this guide helps some people get the avatar/trophy they're aiming for.

by jotty346


More for Less: 10 Avatar Games You Need to Get
With the Living with Less event over and the perk shop open, many Neopians are spending their points on the "Perk Me Up" perk in the hopes of getting "More for Less."

Also by Collaborated with hansy900

by starscreamer54


The Sisters of Pillar Grove:Part Four
The shock waves that the earth faerie created were felt even by Jacenty and Halloy within the robot. But while the cave outside went dark, the control room remained well-lit.

by blueys45


The Pound Garden
Never forget that anywhere can become a place of joy if you simply bloom where you are planted.

by carrieantonia


Gourmet woes
how rude..

by aweber


You Were Saying?
Oh I'm ready..

by queen_potema

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