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Short Stories

The Legend of Faerie Caverns

Aiyrorah pronounced (EYE-RO-RAH)

by jessikey14
850 Meters: A Kass Basher Tale

That plushie has feelings, too, y'know!

by mimitchi880
A New World

For a brief few seconds, all he saw was light.

I collaborated with afsheen_27 and neon3002

by milkshakes004

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The Travelling Neopian: Shenkuu

Hello! I have returned once again in time for the summer months - arguably the busiest time of year for residents all around Neopia to do some travelling. We are so lucky we live in such a unique place, we have so many lands to discover and people to meet. This series is to help introduce all of these interesting places to you, the reader. This is the second installment of the series - the previous one covered all about Mystery Island so be sure to read that if you plan on visiting!

Other Stories


Queen Fyora's Guide to Feeling Beautiful
Our ethereal Queen Fyora is all things kind, gracious, a wonderful ruler, a strong leader, and a beautiful faerie. Everyone who knows her can vouch that the secret to how she is able to take care of her precious Faerieland so well is because she knows to take care of herself first. In this day and age, self-care is one of the most important forms of love that an individual can showcase to the world. If Fyora did not love and dote on herself first, how can anyone expect her to do the same for Faerieland?

by sk8tergirl503


The Travelling Neopian: Shenkuu
A second part in my series "The Travelling Neopian". I take you all around Neopia, and show you all it has to offer!

by sabbini


Laurel:Part Six
What a bumpy ride, the transport shook as it landed on Virtupets Space Station. What a stuffy and strange place. Laurel entered the Grundo Warehouse.

also by beckykbrooks

by applefaerie99


The Sisters of Pillar Grove:Party Two
At first, it was a distant sound that could do nothing but merely stir the shadow Korbat for a moment. But no sooner had he drifted back into his slumber did he realize that the noise was getting louder. Before long, not even the plushness of his Marlock's fur could lull him to sleep when the turning of wheels and the stomping of feet was no more than a few yards away.

by blueys45


You belong in the Kadoatery!
This is what I've always wanted though

Also by latrellstephen

by marsbarss


Real Remedies at the Neo Hospital Part 1
Terrible doc with even more terrible remedies..

by andypopo

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