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Short Stories

I Wish to Become a Faerie

Adeline was a misbehaved young Yellow Shoyru who's family lived in the cloud house which remained of Faerieland who always wished she could be painted Faerie.

by fairy_350
An Enchanting Gift

Sadly, not quite to Illusen's taste...

by pikapi20
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"An Enchanting Gift" by pikapi20
A quiet hum fell over the Lightwater Forest as its inhabitants began to settle down for the eventide. The same folk had been thoroughly enjoying the festivities that had been laid on for them within the walls of Meridell Castle by King Skarl earlier on that day but now it was time for rest. As the moon rose over the trees, its faint dappled light just about reaching the new shoots of spring below, Illusen Day was finally coming to a close. Shutters of the treehouses were being drawn as the occupants within them blew out their candles and headed off to bed.

Other Stories


The Neopian Protection Campaign
Now, this might be a contentious idea, but I believe that Neopia would be a safer place to live in if it were safer. I know, I know. You’re thinking, ‘What are you talking about? Everything is fine. Neopia is a good place to live.’ Well, I’m here to inform you that you are hideously wrong.

by fluffbunniie


Improving Your Neopets Account
You’re an actual Neopian now - you’ve started to get your account set up and you feel pretty comfortable. What are the next steps to Neopian Domination? The answers lie in improving your account.

by _polonius_


Shadow Play:Part Twelve
The Scorchio closed the door behind Isengrim and waited outside, cupping his claws to the door to eavesdrop. Evidently, however, physical barriers were no issue for those who traveled through the shadows, and Zoltan slipped everyone inside as though there was no door at all.

by cosmicfire918


The Sisters of Pillar Grove
Wingen never wanted to be alone. But sometimes, he needed to be.

by blueys45


Battledome Chat and Avatar Chat - 20 Years of Love
20 years later


by nayana852


That's Baffling! - Atsumi
Something's just not right here.

by celinedgd

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