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Short Stories

To Make a Serious King Laugh

Our story begins with Wyvve the White Draik, who was one of the prestigious knights for the honorable and intelligent King Hagan of Brightvale, as well as one of Hagan's favorite soldiers.

by fairy_350
Reginald Acorn's Case 4 : Cupcake Madness

Reginald's adventures as a detective !

by dtrg
Tekkal Trouble: The Petpet Detective Book 3

It had been several weeks since the Altador Cup had finished, and Estebon was still in Fire Yooyu form following a stint filling in for the usual petpet after its flames had been doused when an over enthusiastic Kiko Lake player had launched it into the surrounding waters.

by pedigree_chump666
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Fishing My Days Away

Fishing is one of the great stress relievers of all time, moreso for you than the poor fish that keep getting hooked and yanked out of the water. In Neopia, it is not as stress-free as you would hope! There is a lot riding on what you are able to pull up from the ocean's depths and the value of the different items you could obtain.To start fishing you will want to head down to the Ye Olde Fishing Vortex, a deep cavern in Maraqua that has a beautiful dock and a helpful crew to sell you fishing wares. You'll see other Neopians with rods and nets and boats all trying to catch the next big fish! Fishing is a game of patience, and I mean a whole lot of patience.

Other Stories


Ugga 10 Tyrannia ugga-ugg! (Top 10 Tyrannian Foods!)
A charming list of the best foods and snacks to enjoy when celebrating Tyrannian Victory Day!

by girlwithluv


A Battle Cry For Tyrannian Victory Day
A long, long time ago, in the undocumented times of our beloved planet, a massive earthquake devastated northern Neopia isolating a very dry and large sandstone plateau and a dense jungle of sweltering heat from the rest of planet.

by lolinlucy


Isolde and the Faerie Statue
The next week, after the disappearance of the statue, there was another article on the front page of the Neopian Times by Claudia Greenbate. It covered the story of the Dark Faerie statues around Neopia that appeared and disappeared almost at random.

also written by anachronisms

by tsiegred


Laurel:Part Four
As Laurel entered the Lost Desert she was swarmed by bugs. Laurel wasn't watching where she was going as she was swatting a bug away and knocked Max the Desert Krawk to the ground.

also by beckykbrooks

by applefaerie99


Dinner with the Scarlets: Living with Less Method
Learning to live with less… less common sense, that is.

by june_scarlet


The un-egg-spected

by seluker406

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