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Short Stories

For Mystery Island and Mira

Kinae looked out the window. She couldn't remember the last time she saw the sky such an ominous green. Would she make it on time? Are they out there? Questions were spinning in her mind, but this time she felt different.

by chosha
The Art of Brewing Tea

The night was getting darker.

Cheri, a white kacheek, was home alone. Her sister had, as usual, went outside in search for some adventure or whatever. Xynthi was out of the door almost every night, but today she hadn’t been home at all.

by miliane085

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"The Art of Brewing Tea" by miliane085
The night was getting darker. Cheri, a white Kacheek, was home alone. Her sister had, as usual, went outside in search for some adventure or whatever. Xynthi was out of the door almost every night, but today she hadn’t been home at all. The pink Xweetok was a restless creature who had to see everything, experience everything, do everything. In truth, Cheri suspected, many nights she was simply bored and needed some exercise to get rid of excess energy. After all, it was taxing on her to sit still during the school hours. Xynthi had asked her to join her on more than one occasion, but sports and running had never really been Cheri’s thing and she usually declined the offer, almost without fail. Reading novels and writing her poems in the darkening twilight had always called to her more. Besides, wouldn’t it be fair if Xynthi would join her evening activities for a change? Even once? At least the sisters shared a cup of tea every night, and talked about their day. Cheri hoped it was as important for Xynthi as it was for her. It was 7.45 PM. Cheri finished cleaning the kitchen. The counters were spotless, all the dishes were done, and she sighed contently. It was time for her nightly ritual. A small smile crept on her face, and she filled her kettle that was waiting on the stove.She reached to the cupboards and took an airtight white box that had delicately painted blue flowers on it.

Other Stories


The Many Sacrifices of an Avatar Collector
Avatar hunters: a moderately sized, mildly neurotic subset of the population of Neopia.

It can be a rough life. “But why?” a member of the uninitiated might ask, “Why would you spend real time, effort, and emotions on earning these useless collections of pixels?” A valid question indeed; the answer to which is not entirely clear. An avatar is a badge of honor; a trophy that we can proudly display to prove that we persevered, painstakingly practicing sometimes for months on end before achieving success.

by bouncyhanyou


The History of Battledome Challengers, Part 2
In the last edition of "The History of Battledome Challengers", we dove head first into the background stories of five different challengers. This is a series all about getting to know those that we come up against either every day in the Battledome, or those we rarely ever challenge because we don't have the strength or their rewards aren't great enough.

by krawkedattitude


A Queen's Ascension - War:Part Five
The Haunted Woods were an unpleasant, unwelcoming place; its name preceded its reputation and upheld it. Very few – beyond the foolish, or the brave – ventured into its depths, even into the Deserted Fairground, which had become somewhat of a tourist attraction in recent years, particularly since the death of Hubrid Nox and the chance to visit his castle had become an option.

by dudeiloled


A World Of Grandiose Creature:Part Four
I, Randal, one of the greatest Kougra explorers in all the world, am back with you to present more of my findings!

by luuuvmebabe


A Grarrl Ponders: The Lost Desert
but like why?

by sk8zac


Hingoyle the Pea Chia
Hingoyle is confused, this Bruce looks fimiliar...

by goody2shoes153

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