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Short Stories

Reginald Acorn and The Mysterious Jewel Thief

The beginning of Reginal'd adventures as a detective!

by dtrg
Neia The White Knight

Some knew her as daring, some knew her as cunning, and some knew her as The White Knight. Alfineia the White Lupe, Neia as most knew her by, is a hero unlike any other.

by xatrocious
New Chapters

This is an imagining of my recent return to Neopets :) I had first played sixteen years ago.

by marchabun
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How To Create a Pet Directory

Faerie, Xweetok, Mutant, Zafara, Mallow, Draik... the list of Neopet species and colors is astounding! One of the best features of the site is seeing the different styles and tastes users choose to express via their pets. Some Neopian’s theme their accounts color-wise, while others stay within a single species. Users that are UBER-proud of their pets may even decide to list them in a pet directory. Pet directories focus on a particular theme and list Neopets that showcase that category. However, there is so much more to running one! In this article you will learn the basics to opening your very own directory to display your favorite color, species, or pet-niche! Purpose The first thing you will want to consider is why you want to open your directory. Do you currently own a pet that fits the category? Have you always been obsessed with "gross" pets? Maybe a new color has been released and you would like to begin cataloguing from the very beginning! Having a purpose for creating your page with help fuel the many hours required for content creation.

Other Stories


Full Bellies and Wallets: Gilda's Budget Gourmet
Living large and living it up are...decidedly expensive goals, especially when you're one of four pets...

by parasitequeen


T3: 6 Difficult Game Trophies in 6 Minutes (Part I)
Ever wondered how to get that shiny golden trophy? Or chase up that elusive avatar? With guides abound, it has never been easier to get trophies. Everyone’s writing down tips, but you still can’t wrap your head around it? Talek will take you down the path towards the gamer superstardom.

by talekdolorn


The Curse of the Impatient Seamstress:Part Three
Justine hurried as she made her way into Uni’s Clothing Shop. She was weighed down by a bag holding every dress that she had made the night before.

by rocksysmom


Jolla and the Magic of the Dream Fortress
The faerie’s footsteps reverberated off the gleaming stone tile. The interior sprawled like a grand hall, neutral greys dominating the polished floors and high-vaulted ceiling. Specks of tinted rainbow light flashed through the stained-glass windows, the passing clouds that were close enough to touch caused the light to dance. As she floated, following behind the faerie’s footsteps, Jolla the Dimensional Peophin took in her new assignment. The sorceress thought to herself, “So this is the inside of the Dream Fortress…”

by miraday


The secret of Elvin
The kiko is pop

by itsume_tao


Head in the Clouds: Pack Rat
Hoarding is rewarding here in Neopia!

by yoshisislandbandit

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