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Short Stories

The Love of Fans

Please be a Fire Yooyuball or a normal one, those are the best for a quick goal. The Yooyuball rose into sight...

by brokensilent
A Trek With Team Lost Cause

Sometimes team spirit is a little like a scorched chomato.

by mimitchi880
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The Altador Cup: Two Yooyus' Perspectives

We’ve all read countless press releases, interviews, and news blurbs about the ongoing Altador Cup, and it is hard not to get swept up in all the excitement! But I am here to provide you with the perspective and opinions that no one else has sought after: the Yooyus themselves. Here with me are Alfie, a Darigan Yooyu, and Genevieve, a fire Yooyu. I’m going to dig down deep and get to the heart of Yooyuball itself: the Yooyus. NT: Good morning guys! How are you? Alfie: Good morning. A bit sore, honestly. We train all year for this, and you think you’re prepared, but once it starts you realize just how grueling it is!
 Ouch. Sorry to hear that. So tell me more about this training. I’ve never heard of it. Alfie: Well, just like the team players, we have to be ready to bring our A games when the cup rolls around.

Other Stories


Ten Cutest Trophies in Neopia, and How to Earn Them
There are many, many cute items all over Neopia but we wanted to focus our attention on something that's a little overlooked: cute trophies! In this article, we will go over our picks of trophies we've found that made us go "aww", as well as include a few tips that might help you earn these adorable trophies for yourself!

by sugarxcoma


Interview with my favorite team
Hello and welcome, I am here today with my favorite Altador Cup team - Shenkuu. I get to interview them and ask them about the things everyone is surely wondering. Hopefully we'll get some interesting anwsers about the Cup and some insight to the future Cups as well as get to know how our favorite team prepares for the Altador Cup and maybe peek at their private lives as well.

by maryannyks


The Shadow of Takeryuu:Part Nine
The throne room was the most lavish place Eunji had ever seen. Crafted out of expensive stone, every surface was painstakingly hand-carved and accented with gold, silver, and precious gems. A few scattered windows let in misty daylight, while lanterns filled in dark corners with a subdued glow. Altogether it seemed a grim room, where no thought was given to happiness or comfort.

by cosmicfire918


True Beauty
Thank you Kitty for letting me use you and Tytono in my little story :)! And thanks to my neopets as well!

by kiki587695


Th reason ths part of the year is not good
My pets don't like the Altador Cup, that's why we never achieve a good rank, and no good prizes :'(

by itsume_tao


AC Insanities: Unfair Advantage
So much for fair play.

by andromedric

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