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Short Stories

A Letter to the Freaky Factory Thief

Dear Purple Grundo Sir,

Hello. I am a worker at what me and my coworkers have come to call the “Freaky Factory”, one of Krelufun’s toy factories. I have seen you there, on my shift, stealing toys from the line after I have just made them. I won’t ask you why you do such things, I only ask that you stop.

by moonandflowers

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"Neovia's Corruption:Part Two" by trishabeakens
"I never really knew how eerie the Haunted Woods was until now." Queen Nera commented as she followed King Altador through the dark forest. She didn't want to fall too far behind him. Who knows what was in these woods? It could be wraiths, dark faeries, or even worse...the Kiko Lake Team. Fyora knows how much Nera wanted to avoid that group. Running into them in the middle of the Haunted Woods would be awful. They were more terrifying than any wraith. Nera would rather be lost in the Haunted Woods than run into them ever again. Altador and Nera had already spent a long amount of time getting to the iconic forest. Now that they were finally here, they could make their way towards Neovia. It proved to be a very difficult task, but one they were more than prepared to tackle. The fate of Neovia rested in their hands or uh...paws. It seemed like the fate of someone was always relying on them. Guess that was part of the job of ruling one of the most powerful kingdoms in Neopia. People always need you to help them.Altador stepped over a decaying tree root that was protruding out of the ground. "Just stay close to me my dear." Nera snorted, still following him. "I don't know if I should. The last time you was here you ended up turned to stone." Altador stopped walking and turned to her. "Nera, this is no time for your smart remarks." "I'm just saying, I don't remember ever being turned to stone when I was helping someone."

Other Stories


The Altador Cup Guide for First Time Players
Each Summer in Neopia brings the Altador Cup and we as Neopians need to prepare for it every year! However, if you have never experienced one you may not know how to prepare like veteran players! Well, look no further! I have prepared a guide for first time players and spectators!

also by 0bibi0

by indebtedness


A Brief Guide To A Successful Altador Cup
The annual Altador Cup is here! The Altador Cup is a favorite event of many Neopians and they look forward to it each and every year. By now I’m sure you’ve already chosen who to support, whether it be the team you’ve been loyal to for years, or an underdog team you’ve never supported before. Everyone knows what the Altador Cup is, and how to participate. But do you know how to make the most out of it and have the most successful and enjoyable time? Here are my tips for the most successful and enjoyable Altador Cup experience this year!

by __anime__luver__


The Shadow of Takeryuu:Part Eight
It was rainy and cool on the morning Eunji first saw the Imperial City. Built on a flattened mountain top, the sprawling complex of buildings was surrounded by a thick wall, on top of which tall banners flapped imposingly. Below, the mountain dropped off in sheer cliffs, its roots hidden in mists that swirled around it and the other pillar-like peaks in this mountain range.

by cosmicfire918


Hope For New:Part Three
“How did you...Toto….but Melissa…I thought that...” I had so many questions, and I couldn’t finish a single one.

by hazelsmartotop


The True Ghost Lupe
sweet or sour?

by frenchtoasts


Snow is no good
Aww man I just wanted to eat a snowflake..

by rafa_potter

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