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Short Stories

Within the Archives: A Tea in Battle

"Are you going to war?"

by queen_potema

Far away on a hidden island there exists a rundown laboratory. Run by a sketchy looking Scorchio this lab contains marvels of technology that are unseen by both man and Neopet! Or… At least it was supposed to be.

Collaboration with beachotte

by kazel98

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"TWELVE Tips to Help You Succeed in Life:Part Nine" by downrightdude
TIP NINE: HATE JERK-FACED JERKS Because of my promise (mostly due to my big mouth, which I seriously need sewn shut) I needed to find a way to help finance my Mom's hospital stay. Sure enough, my Mom was right with her prediction: our savings would only be able to fund three days. So the additional five days needed to be supplied by yours truly. My original plan was to use my own personal Usuki/plushie savings fund and then dive into my other 'in case there's ever a rainy day emergency' fund. And while one fund (the less practical one) only had one hundred Neopoints, my other more useful one had enough Neopoints to help supply two extra days for Mom.

Other Stories


A Outfits Guide for Hissi Day!
Hissi Fans from all over Neopia are always excited for every year Hissi Day! Today I bring some cool and different outfits for your precious Hissi(s)!

by qwerth_1


Come Cook With Us: Mystery Island Edition
Welcome to Come Cook With Us, where we take you on a culinary journey around Neopia! In this series, we are featuring delicacies from the wonderful and exotic Mystery Island! Take a look at our recipe book for what we believe to be the TASTIEST foods from this Neopian land! Make any of these items at your next dinner party, and you will surely be the talk of the town!

In collaboration with lauren92_k

by mel_liew_ming_li


Of Silence: Signed and Sealed:Part Five
(Kanrik, 6:07pm)

     I’m positive that this is the last thing you want to talk about right now, and if this were any other day I’d force myself to keep my mouth shut, but... well, fate of the world and all, so...

by werelupecookies


The Shadow of Takeryuu:Part Three
The faerie Vandagyre’s antennae quivered. “Come on!” Eunji squawked to Ganzorig as she sprinted in the direction of the scream, toward a mess of frazzled energy she could feel throughout her whole body.

by cosmicfire918


Pwned by the Kadoatery
Time to feed some Kads!

idea by sunshine482

by k3l26


A Day in the Life of the Giant Omelette
Wait what?

by piratesy

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