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Short Stories

Nabile of Qasala saves the Desert Scarabs

:D Inspiried by Queen Esther

by restisunwritten
A Favor for Baelia

Ever since Tavi had helped her escape from Jennumara's magical cage, the Grey Faerie, Baelia, had gone to Faerie City to live under the protection of Queen Fyora...

Also by semmy_genius & kt_roo2

by xoxcharm

A day with Kanrik, leader of the Thieves Guild

This is a short story focusing on one my favorite characters on Neopets (Kanrik) and one of my own Neopets Veifira.

by k3l26
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"A day with Kanrik, leader of the Thieves Guild " by k3l26
Veifira, a royal Draik, was wandering Mystery Island’s Trading Post in search of some good deals. She had just fought with her sister for the umpteenth time about Veifira not wanting to wear a fancy gown to Princess Amira’s Lost Desert annual ball. It was hard to be agile while wearing a dress and, for someone who would rather live the life of a thief, Veifira preferred to be nimble. She sighed, wanting to find the perfect apology gift for her sister. She walked by stalls and stalls of items, stopping in front of a table with a Super Attack Pea. No one could afford that, Veifira thought to herself with a chuckle. She was about to walk away when she heard someone say, "how much?" She whipped her head back to see who had inquired, coming face to face with Kanrik, who she recognized from the news. After all, he was one of the leaders of the factions – the Thieves Guild – in the War for the Obelisk.Veifira watched with wide eyes as the stall owner and Kanrik bartered in hushed tones. Finally, Kanrik handed over a large bag of goods and Neopoints and the seller passed over the tiny Super Attack Pea.

Other Stories


10 Underappreciated Neopets Under 1 Mill Neopoints

by keira522


A Paint Brush Guide
Choosing a paint brush to paint your Neopet can be a difficult and expensive choice (brushes can cost several million NPs!), and not every Paint Brush is available for every pet.

by myjudem


Elaine's Expedition:Part Four
The next morning, Elaine walked into the kitchen area of Jaycin’s hut attempting to appear as calm, relaxed, and rested as possible.

Even though she felt none of those things.

Also by afsheen_27

by milkshakes004


Identity Crisis:Part Three
Lichen paused. Her pets looked up at her expectantly.

"I need a drink."

by debbie1188


How to make: Chokato Toffee Apple
Make this delicious and super healthy snack with some ingredients that you surely have ♥

by neko_purrr


The Lever
Even royals make mistakes.

by trishabeakens

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