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Short Stories

Even Royals Make Mistakes

The best of the best aren't immune to messing up...

by _brainchild_
Shurb, The Cursed Aisha

Our story takes place back in the time of the Darigan War. Yes, you've heard of the great battle between King Skarl and Long Darigan, but what about those who had to pay the price of war?

by _the_spardel_queen_
How Nightlands Joined a Band

Continued story from "How Nightlands Got His Magma Color"

by yrouel
Dance of the Dark Faeries

A strange thing happens when the spirit of October settles in. It wakes a slumbering spark inside the hearts of the dark faeries.

by vaeneficus
Let Me Tell You A Story

There once was a...

by midnight_sun
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Character Introductions: Kaia

Welcome to Character Introductions! A series where I interview newly introduced characters to the site and hear what they and others have to say about them. It’s been a while since I did one, but it was worth the wait as the new character we’re interviewing today is the star of the returning Faerie Festival: Kaia, the young Faerie from Shenkuu! Little is known about Kaia, much like with many of the young Faeries. However, Kaia is no ordinary Faerie; instead of originating from Faerieland she’s a native of Shenkuu!

Other Stories


Negotiating A Trade As A Seller
Grab items and put them on the Trading Post and effectively navigate all the offers you get so you can maximize the profit you get from your purchase.

by ellaisback


How to Start Stamp Collecting on a Budget
You'll have the best stamp collection in no time...

by dottie27a


The Princess of Flowers: Part Twelve
From their location—behind the royal palace—they could see the gardens of miracle flowers wilting.

by downrightdude


The Dark Faeries' Plot: Part Two
She would grab a copy of the latest edition of the Neopian Times, pay the friendly shopkeeper at the counter, and then return home.

by jayeless


Spot the Difference! NT 800 Edition Solution
Did you Spot the 100 Differences in this special NT 800 edition of Spot the Difference!?

by snwarren


A Weewoo's Wish END
Weewoo's last wish...

Also by sasuke1322441

by mucka33

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