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Short Stories

Friday: 196 Dubloons Left

It was another gorgeous Friday morning in Warf Wharf and the one-legged shopkeeper of Krawk Island Nippers had just turned the welcome sign on...

by vanquishee
More Than a Chili Pepper

It's not easy being a chili pepper.

by unfogging
A New Start

Today is the day! I'm leaving for my new home in Altador.

by jeslin__62
Commodore Rigney Birkin and the Lava Tunnel Pirates

You have always considered yourself a traveller.

by pillsi
The Great Playpen Escape

Martha will stand this cruelty no longer...

by nikibogwater
Empire of Dirt

In all the days that led up to today's skirmish, the Duchess stood on this mountain of dirt, right up the hill path leading to the Tyrannian Plateau...

by psychedelicreature
The Great Pink War

"Pink? What a girly color!"

by dragonusagi
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"Friday: 196 Dubloons Left" by vanquishee
All the little Krawk Island critters were getting anxious and excited to begin the day. The atmosphere of the shop was buzzing with an array of petpets either happily chirping nonsense to each other, nibbling on food, or oddly enough, swabbing up left over debris from the previous day. The majority of the petpets in this store...

Other Stories


Adventure Awaits: The Deserted Tomb
There is one question that I'm sure many Neopians, young and old alike, have pondered for quite some time: what is the Mystery of Mystery Island?

by nostalgia_14


Top 20 Delectable Delicacies and Why You Need Them
The professionals at AH International have sampled every worthy food available and will take you through the best of the best and where to find them.

by asparagushead


One Shred of Light: Part Six
She lifted her head from her knees and looked around. The garden was a mess. He had destroyed most of it with his spectral lightning.

by kristykimmy


A Queen's Ascension: Part One
It was another gloriously scorching day in the Lost Desert, the temperature reaching almost record heights, and there wasn't a cloud in the beautiful blue sky...

by dudeiloled


It's Hard Being the New Pet
Mean Pets

by greyorangegrey


Catching Leaf-flakes

Written by patjade

by izzywizard

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