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Short Stories

Friday: 196 Dubloons Left

It was another gorgeous Friday morning in Warf Wharf and the one-legged shopkeeper of Krawk Island Nippers had just turned the welcome sign on...

by vanquishee
More Than a Chili Pepper

It's not easy being a chili pepper.

by unfogging
A New Start

Today is the day! I'm leaving for my new home in Altador.

by jeslin__62
Commodore Rigney Birkin and the Lava Tunnel Pirates

You have always considered yourself a traveller.

by pillsi
The Great Playpen Escape

Martha will stand this cruelty no longer...

by nikibogwater
Empire of Dirt

In all the days that led up to today's skirmish, the Duchess stood on this mountain of dirt, right up the hill path leading to the Tyrannian Plateau...

by psychedelicreature
The Great Pink War

"Pink? What a girly color!"

by dragonusagi
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"Commodore Rigney Birkin and the Lava Tunnel Pirates" by pillsi
Your stories of daring adventures and races from gigantic monsters seemed incomparable and provided you the fame and recognition you thoroughly believe you have deserved since childhood. This changed for you, however, one afternoon as you strolled through Moltara...

Other Stories


What to Do When You're Restock Banned
Most restockers have been there. You sit there refreshing the page desperately, only to discover that every shop is simply out of stock.

by terabithian


Getting Published: A Guide to Writing for the Neopian Times
If you have always wanted your work to be published in the Neopian Times but have yet to get the chance, this is the guide for you.

by lunafaeire


Lupe Pack Detectives-Counterfeit: Part Four
While we were waiting for Professor Watt's address to come in so that we could arrest him for his crimes, the DoN had given us permission to search the Shadow Gelert's home...

by lupe_hunter_7


Worth Searching For: Part Nine
Roberta's directions proved to be far more helpful than she'd predicted. Hyren, Blynn, Celice, and Gwyneth found the turnoff easily, and by nightfall they'd begun to make their way up into the wooded mountains.

by cosmicfire918


Post-Birthday Blues
It's the thought that counts.

by ariaaae


The Vandagyre Struggle
Neopia's newest species is still getting the hang of things.

Script by infesteddrops

by turquoisebird47

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