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Short Stories

The Most Peculiar Customer

My shop, Xwee Boutique, is located in Neopia Central, among the many others in the Neopian Plaza. It's a clothing store, a popular one at that...

by psychedelicreature
Misadventures of a Neopian Times Reporter XVIII

"Outside of such important social events, backstabbing is perfectly acceptable," Sloth said. "Really, one would think you would do more research on such things."

by kristykimmy
Misadventures of an Innocent Bystander 3: Taelia

Around springtime, tourism took a sharp drop as most people were relieved that winter was behind them at last.

Not us.

by flufflepuff

April Showers

"Aren't they precious?" Kari said.

Inside the box were several pink baby Faellies...

by goodsigns

How I Moved to Krawk Island

I've lived on Terror Mountain. It's cold and difficult, but it was affordable for a new player and it's home for me and my pets. At least until today.

by legolassie85
The Machinist

The roars of the Moltaran machinery that had boomed so greatly had dimmed to a series of rumbles and vibrations, and Dessin sighed in relief.

by ohllox
The Age Old Question

"Paper or plastic?"

by jarm9
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Flotsam Colors

This Month of Swimming, I've made it my mission to persuade users like yourself that Flotsams would be a worthy addition to your neo-families. To accomplish such a purpose, I have assembled a list of 10 spectacular colors that Flotsams come in. At least one of these fabulous creatures is bound to win your heart. And of course, as soon as I've...

Other Stories


Faerie Abilities Guide Series: Level 5
Hello again, Neopia! Welcome back to our comprehensive, in-depth series examining the different Faerie abilities released in Y15 to supplement the new Battledome!

Also by woccawoccawocca

by dragonsfriend1021


10 Colors That Will Teach You to Appreciate Flotsams
I stand firmly by the opinion that Flotsams are one of the most underrated species to have ever graced the aquatic depths of Neopia.

by sheynacruz


Where the Wind Blows Wild: Part Four
Corbin had officially decided that their life of crime was over. Somehow they'd gone from "grab the Arnsian and get out of here" to holding a little Usul woman hostage.

by saphira_27


The Persecution: Part Four
The chilly wind blew through his white fur as he walked along the narrow road toward Meepit Oaks. It had been a successful week, and Gabriel knew he had some time to go on a long overdue visit.

by racerfishy


Life Is Hard 4.0
Neopia's alternate light source

by scathachs


Neopets Go! #1
"Super important" is a relative phrase!

Art by milkbear

by iara_purity

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