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Short Stories

The Devil Went Down to Neovia

Before me, there's a blue mass, a ghost with eyes as red as a ruby apple. He glares menacingly at me and turns his attention to the Fyora doll in the chair. I know who he is... it's the Pant Devil!

by emblo93

"Don't worry, I'll be able to fix these troubles. Soon you won't have to worry about anything anymore."

by racerfishy
The Uni Day Beauty Pageant

Aethaevn shut her eyes tight, not wanting to acknowledge the other Unis getting along so well and feeling so happy. The real reason for her sorrow was...

by chocololli

Gormos was a reasonably intelligent Kougra, but even he had to admit that he had no experience โ€“ and no idea where to start โ€“ building a brainwashing ray.

by catchinglights
If Only a Dream

A trembling hand poked her awake. "Isca? Isca, wake up."

by invalid
Yes, Doctor Demento!!

Keep it together, Queek. You can do this, don't stress it, just keep calm.

by tambourine_chimp
Auction of Evil

Castle Nox had let to divulge its deepest secrets. Rooms that did not appear on the plans still held their treasures. Dark treasures.

by herdygerdy
The Citadel's Sacrifice

Bugles sounded as the Citadel folk took arms. Everyone was rushing about, growls in their throats, eyes red. War was to be waged...

by trotterat
Making a Name for Herself

"I have to admit," said the newcomer, "that is the most impressive collection of wings I have ever laid my eyes upon."

by liouchan
Mind and Matter

Jhudora grumbled to herself as she trudged through the thick underbrush of the forest surrounding Glory Hollow.

by sporty2443
The Villains' Meeting

The only activity was deep within the stone walls of Count Von Roo's castle. In the innermost room, a roaring fire added flickering, sinister light to a large oak table and the varied group that set about that table.

by tj_wagner
Jhudora's Biggest Fan

"I need to think of a better name."

"What for?"

"Me. Something that Jhudora would approve of. Grace is too... sweet sounding."

by dogz_rock_98

Across the Game Board

What was done, was done. She just had to trust her instincts now, and believe in her skill.

by d_morton
A Villein's Best Day

One potato, two potato, 100 ton marrow, four potato.

by kadface
What We See in the Dark

"My, my my. Aren't you lovely?"

If only flowers could run.

by miharu_mizuneko

Misadventures of a Neopian Times Reporter XVI

"By Fyora's magical socks, it is him," I said, flabbergasted. "You'd think he'd know better than to come back here."

by kristykimmy
Dysfunctional Teamwork

"You're a Pteri!" I called back in exasperation. "How can you not like flying!?"

"Let me rephrase that. I don't like flying when there's no gravity."

by child_dragon

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The Gallery of Lesser Evil

While we all know who the big boss villains are - and if you don't, I highly suggest that you go take a peek at the Gallery of Evil - there are those lesser known villains going about Neopia and causing trouble as well. Who are these villains you ask? Well, this article right here is going to be your introduction...

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How to Dress Like a Neopian Villain
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Villains' Favorite Heroes
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Alfred Quenton, Villain Extraordinaire: Part One
"Monstrous Lupe and skinny Ogrin boy, you are about to receive a once-in-a-lifetime offer! Although you may be pathetic and wimpy now, I will mold you into mighty villains to be feared and respected. All you have to do is sign here and here."

by thedoggirl_97


Lord Luparn and the Colossal Skeith: Part Two
Sir Cheekalot had followed a trail of reports from the outlaying villages pointing him towards the Skeith. The knight arrived at the village of Turtum Mound one mid-afternoon.

by sirr1ch1


Use those muscles!

by msjanny


Queen of Fishing
I'm going to catch the biggest fish!

Idea by christinehmackay

by tsuki_the_noodle

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