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Short Stories

Making Sense

"So, what did you and my uncle talk about?" Brandi asked immediately.

Adino smiled. "Brandi, Alpha Inc wants me to teach you about your senses."

by 77thbigby


"The storm scaring you, munchkin?" I queried even though the answer was obvious, tugging the blankets back to peer at my brother's frightened expression.

by melina322
The Trouble With Being Joe

Peeking cautiously from behind the net curtains in her living room, Joe spied a cloud Uni and baby Poogle having a pretend tea party in the park in front of her house.

by pillarbox
The Ghosts of Neopets Past

And then I saw her.

Straight ahead, huddled in the snow, was a scrawny Green Gelert.

by reewuh

Dreaming in Color

Our story begins with the inspiration of the bright young Library Faerie, who wanted to share the eloquent faerie tales of her land with all of Neopia.

by amethyst_81
The Traveller's Search

For hours he searched, furrowing uselessly through the forests and across small streams.

by ameliorates
Apples and Oranges

Sometimes, there is no middle ground.

by crazy_holly_ii
Old Snargan's Bet

The coin spun in the air...

by ellafell
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"The Traveller's Search" by ameliorates
The traveller hurried furiously through the winding tunnel of the dark cave, the tail of his heavy coat dragging behind him. Beneath his dark hood nostrils flared at the end of his long mouth, and red eyes gleamed dangerously. Anger and frustration reverberated off the walls...

Other Stories


Top 10 Altador Cup Players to Watch Out For
It's time to take some of the more underrated players and give them a second look!

by scoptophobia


New Neoboard Proposals!
I was happily chatting with some strangers on the Help Neoboard when a certain subject came up: what would make a cool new Neoboard, something Neopia has been needing for years?

by indulgences


What Happened To Sophie's Hat: Part Three
Nesmy hurried through the alleyway, her ears flying behind her head as she hopped around the nearest corner and pressed her back flat against the wall. She was just in time.

by rogue_roxness


Fireballs Among Friends: Part One
The fire gleamed bright in Rasala's hand as she whispered the words of the spell...

by saphira_27


A... Gift?
Sometimes gifts can be misinterpreted.

by mike11695


Glumpkin Meets Sparky
Define "love".

by ragecandybar

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