Preparing Neopia for the Meepits Circulation: 113,211,275 Issue: 226 | 3rd day of Awakening, Y8
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Short Stories

Illusen's Bad Day

Illusen was having a bad day. No, more like an awful, terrible, horrible kind of day...

by ailkenorem
Wrapped in a Box

He had assumed that he was an okay Petpet, and was sure the day he was brought in the shop that he would be chosen and out of a cage before the others...

by brenicaevf333
A Lupe's Tale

"Deep in the dark, cold mountains of Tyrannia, there live Neopets unlike any other..." And so begins one Lupe's story...

by darkwolf__untamed
The Latest and Greatest Recruit of Dr. Frank Sloth

Dreams of Faerie Paint Brushes... will of iron... brain of Volcanic Rock.

by sarahleeadvent
The Unlikely Hero

I think we'll both be happier when I leave. Lately he's been really strict and on my case. He's not happy with my schoolwork; I think it embarrasses him...

by imagiknight
Written at 3am

And so the crew of the pirate ship Scurvy Weewoo found itself being boarded by a horde of what appeared to be a bunch of oversized Bruces with fangs and spines...

by child_dragon

The moment had been etched in my brain for a long time. A thousand years, to be exact. Now was the time I would awaken. Now was the time I would return...

by dan4884
Walking the Plank

Aboard the docks, Jacques sat depressed next to the edge of the ship, hanging his head over the side of the railing. There was a pinch of guilt and low self-esteem in his stomach that couldn't quite fade...

by ironytothemax
The Weaver

Perhaps the peculiar thing about the Weaver was that for all of her skill, talent, and riches, she herself wore only the simple clothes of a less fortunate Neopian...

by doughnut215
The Neopian Investigators: Case of the Missing Neopoint

As he was halfway down the alley, a figure leapt out behind him, and began to follow...

by spoonguardonline
Faerieland Home

Was there a place in all of Faerieland that Jenny could call her home?

by fairyrose3221
The Way It Was

It was in those days that Illusen and Jhudora came into being; on the same day, the same hour, the very same moment...

by hmlanden
Venturing Into Jhudora's Cloud

Finally, here at last! That rumored Jhudora's Cloud, with all its hidden traps and dangers for those who dared to enter...

Also by precious_katuch14

by shadowcristal

Pictures in the Clouds

Jhudora admired the sky from her seat on her cloud. "This is one day that I want those lazy pets to go cloud-watching," she said, the corners of her mouth turning up into a giddy smile...

by nut862
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"The Latest and Greatest Recruit of Dr. Frank Sloth" by sarahleeadvent
I'm determined to land this job. Oops- got to go, Journal- the ferry just decloaked and the pilot's saying something about a screening system and interrogation room and- and he says that if I don't put you away right now you'll be the last thing I eat this week. I don't think he's serious, but- OK, OK, I'm coming!

Other Stories


To Pound or Not to Pound?
Well, when I was at the Pound, I noticed that many of the pets were the same species. So this leads me to my first list.

by fyregyrl


An Interview With Jhudora
With her very own day fast approaching, I decided to stop by and have a few words with the most misunderstood Faerie in Neopia, Jhudora.

by devil1699


Sleeping Beauty: Part Five
I hopped out of bed and walked straight to my vanity desk (just like always) and stared in horror...

by ruff_zette


The Five Kaus: Part Three
Whooper was still quickly looking back and forth to each Metonot before him, still trying to decide which one was its true master...

by jacob133


Where's the PPL? o_O
"I <3 my kad."

by thorndie


Playing Hookie
*smiles innocently*

Also by hello5346

by richnangela005

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