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New Series

A Grand Adventure

Little did most know, Solon had a secret. He was a master treasure seeker, the unsung hero and key to some of Maraqua’s biggest discoveries...

by honorrolle
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"Kaia's Secret" by essees
Kaia stood at the foot of Shenkuu’s largest cave, young and determined. Whispers of the cave’s magical powers had tickled Kaia’s ears throughout her childhood, captivating her with stories of the mystical beings that supposedly lived at the cave’s heart. Shenkuu lore was filled with stories of travellers who were blessed by the mystical beings, so long as they survived the trek into the cave. Like all beings, Kaia harboured a secret wish: that she was not the only faerie in Shenkuu. Her existence, even though she loved her dear friend Reizo, was lonely. Everywhere she went in Shenkuu, neopets marvelled at her, but never particularly wanted to befriend her. Kaia knew she was different, being Shenkuu’s only faerie, and she longed for just one faerie friend, and she thought that the cave was her best shot at finding others like her in Shenkuu.

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