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Opinion: Why Kiko Lake Shouldn't Win Again

Neopian Times Legal Disclaimer: The author of this article is an avid fan of Team Faerieland and the views here do not represent that of the Neopian Times. Also, as per the advice of legal counsel, the NT would like to reinforce that all the incidents mentioned are mere allegations and not definitively proven to beyond a reasonable doubt in a Neopian Court of Law. Enjoy the Altador Cup! It might be taken for granted that Kiko Lake has won four Altador Cup Championships. It might be taken for granted that they have returned to defend their title. As Neopians, we might even have taken for granted that Kiko Lake somehow needs all these donations every year, even after being champions multiple times. After all, shouldn’t money be pouring in from sponsors by now? Therefore, I want to warn you that with Kiko Lake, not everything is what it seems on the surface. I would like to inform you all about the controversial side of Team Kiko Lake.

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