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"The Qasalan Princess" by squin
For many and many years, the good people of Qasala patiently expected a royal heir or heiress. In Year 30, King Jazan and Queen Nabile finally shared great and long-awaited news with the qasalan citizens. A beautiful little princess had been born recently. To everybody’s surprise, the little princess had an unusual feature: her hair was completely green! Of course, the princess’s hair colour delighted everyone, which made King Jazan and Queen Nabile decide to name the princess “Emerald”. Emerald grew up happily in Qasala and when she turned 15 years old, her green hair was so long that it could easily reach her heels. The princess’s hair instantly enchanted every single neopian that met her, from the eldest citizens to the youngest children. Foreigners from the most distant lands came all the way to Qasala...

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Tyrannian Day Special: Top 12 Tyrannian Petpets
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