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New Series

Lupe Pack Detectives - The Fake Detective

Blizzard the Lupe detective stumbles upon an arson case, but suspects there is more than meets the eye about this case...

by lupe_hunter_7
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The Mountain Climbers - An Interview with Prytariel

My name’s Skaata; I’m a reporter for the Neopian Times’ sports section that’s looking into the art of Yooyuball, especially when it comes to strategies and tactics. I’ve been thinking about the merits of different formations for a while now, and by an insane stroke of luck, I somehow managed to get an interview with Prytariel, the captain of the Terror Mountain Yooyuball team, just after she finished her daily practice sessions. "You've consistently used an offensive formation of three offensive players and only one defender throughout your Yooyuball career- can you explain the philosophy behind that decision?" "There's been a lot of theory over the years about which formation is superior, and we've experimented with different setups during practice matches as the meta has shifted. That’s been important for two reasons...

Other Stories


How to Study with Friends
Or what to do when you keep gravitating to each other.

by liouchan


Rise from the Fall
Dedicated to my selfless friend, the Pink Lily in the story, who always goes out of their way to help their friends!

by pixie_tea


Get Avatar-Ready for Summer
Time to brush the dust off some beautiful, old avatars that have been collecting dust in the shadows for the past 9 months and re-visiting some of our old favourites to show your Neofriends that this is your year, and you are ready to own this summer...

by horp


An Updated Guide To Creative Spotlights, Y22 Edition
There have been many guides written about the Neopian Creative Spotlights, but none have been written in Y22!

by superkathiee


NQII Many Puns
And heal keep making puns, too. Collab with javascripter

by parody_ham


Welcome to the Deserted Tomb. Next!
Okay who is up next? Collab with Chaostastico

by brenda_bbm

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