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New Series

The Curse of Geraptiku Tombs

Two young neopians who make their living as thieves may have finally run out of luck...

by asnu
The Royal Axis: Pushing Back The Dark

Evil forces are gathering on the horizon, led by villains thought vanquished long ago...

by iamnotaaron
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Exclusive Neopian Interviews: Kauvara

Hello, and welcome to Exclusive Neopian Interviews. Today, we will be interviewing one of our most magical friends. Many are familiar with her pointed hat peering above the counter, surrounded by swirling mists and hazes of various colours. After all, she is the long-time owner of one of the most popular shops around, with lines out the door at all hours. Of course, we’re referring to her magical-ness, Kauvara. We stumbled through the packed store into the back room, where empty bottles are stacked neatly in the corner, surrounded by bubbling cauldrons. The shelves lining the walls are meticulously labelled, some of them rattling and oozing. We find our guest putting the finishing touches on what appears to be a Faerie Ixi Morphing Potion, attaching the delicate wings on the bottle. NT: Hello, we’re so glad to finally be here.

Other Stories


The Pest Professor
Mystery Island residents do their best to put up with a very enthusiastic tourist...

by 77thbigby


The Tale of Everblaze & the Earth Faerie
Ever since he was a young lad, Evergreen the Scorchio felt out of place...

by honorrolle


Exclusive Neopian Interviews: Kauvara
Today, we will be interviewing one of our most magical friends, Kauvara!

by scorchi123


Neocash Redemption Prizes Starring Illusen!
Illusen is a very sweet and stylish Earth Faerie, so why not show her some love?

by _brainchild_


Fabled - Illusen Day
There's always next month...

by dylan_the_ninja


Eye of techo...

by herdygerdy

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