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New Series

When the End......

Another story of ancient Bori civilization...

by daveandbaltoro
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A Critique of My New Home’s Library

Greetings, my friends! You probably don’t recognise me from the last time we spoke; back then I was critiquing the food in the Neopian Pound and how I petitioned to have some form of Gourmet meal at least once a week. (yes, this request was summarily rejected, and no, Dr_Death did not accuse me of not being able to understand how budgets worked. Anyway). A few months ago, I was a Gelert languishing in peasantry. My fur, albeit a beautiful sapphire that shone like the sea itself, was in vast need of an upgrade, but of course, you’re not going to get that in the Pound. But as luck would have it, my sponsor saw great potential in me, and promptly supplied me with a Kougra Morphing Potion, and a Royal Paint Brush. Now, I have become the pet and royalty...

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The Transfer
Between the constant construction of the new wing in the Pound and dealing with hopeful owners and distraught Neopets, neither Dr. Death or Rose had seen the delivery of the large, heavy metal container that now sat inside their joint office.

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Krawk Island Crossword
Enjoy this krawk island themed puzzle collab with itaela and rorylorelai333

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