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New Series

Si & Jay

The misadventures of a young Siyana (Si) and Jerdana (Jay) before they served on the council of Altador.

by cookiez101
A Hero's Journey: Masquerade

Part 1: No Good Deed

by precious_katuch14
Thompkens Jenkins, Master of Disguise

Well, the Readers have spoken! It seems they find our rascal thief of a four-armed protagonist amusing...

by dewdropzz
Neopia Central: The Musical!

Tix on sale now!

by rielcz
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"The Fat Lady Sings" by herdygerdy
The curtain raised on a scene of destruction. Castles lay in ruins, the farmlands around them aflame and billowing out smoke that blotted out the sun. Most of the audience hadn’t seen a production from this troupe before, but if they had, they would agree that the artist in the props department had really outdone themselves this time. From stage left, a figure clad in the purple armour of the Citadel entered, moving stiffly from a mixture of good acting and resistance in the painted cardboard that made up his costume. An elaborate mask that exaggerated the features of a Darigan Eyrie to the point where his head plumage looked like purple flames obscured the Neopet’s true species, the only feature that could be seen were his eyes, to which heavy red makeup had been applied to try and make him look demonic in nature. The would-be Eyrie let out a dramatic cackle and drew a sword. “It is done!” he declared to the boos of the crowd.

Other Stories


Dance of the Battle
Rohane, Talina, Mipsy, and Velm find themselves in an unusual kind of battle... collab with forgottenbirthdays

by platinum_marauder


Five More Minutes
Five friends take Neopia by storm with their music!

by bubbles150


Aquamarine: Faerieland’s Hottest New Band
Although still detained due to a decade-long sentence, the Drenched have turned to music as a way to pass time.

by black_skull725


The Art of Battling
Performance art takes many shapes and forms, even in ways you wouldn’t think...

by pikachu315111


An Interview with Bunny Spears
This interview was brought to you by The Shoyru Company! collab with mistyqee

by 1jediboy


Neopets Concert and Instrument Wordsearch!
Think you've got what it takes to solve this musical wordsearch?

by zed16

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