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New Series

The Coffee Tavern: Beginnings

A small town Neovian coffee shop on the brink of failure tries risky, new recipes from a lost Meridellan boy.

by cyberfall
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"Caught Between Surprises" by parody_ham
A red Zafara sat alone in a brick-laden room, cross-legged and handling two rolls of streamers. All around her, piles of decorations intertwined around her arms and legs. Multi-coloured glitter covered her from head to toe. Even her iconic star-clad blue hat and cape dazzled like mirror balls. If not for a bespectacled yellow Aisha standing beside her and coughing loudly, she’d have completely missed the Aisha’s presence. “Uhh, Kayla? Need some help?” “I’m fine,” Kayla replied. “But thanks, Lisha.” The Aisha gave her a look as she reached over to unwind a shimmering garland from Kayla’s ears. “Well, maybe a little help would be good.”

Other Stories


The Best Gift Ever
One Neopian struggles to celebrate the birthday of Neopia. Collab with quigglebaby and eggfruit

by carmyyyyy


The Normal
Saskori the monster tamer Cybunny decides to explore a haunted house rumoured to reveal your worst fears!

by june_scarlet


Having a Hoot: The Vandagyre Way
The Vandagyre were released during the 15th year birthday celebrations, so let's celebrate vandagyre day and neopets' birthday together!

by roxi2rox


A Neopets Birthday!
This article lists out 11 things happening around the site on this fantastic day!

by profebest


Spot 6 Differences!
Can you spot all six differences? collab with emanuelle_rockgirl and belindaword

by milla_mussi


Those years start coming and they don't stop coming!

by the_hoshi_pixi

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